A Case Study In Successful PPC Management

Making your Ecommerce store successful with Google PPC Management

Over 70% of start-ups and businesses fail after 10 years according to the Small Business Administration. The failure rate is even higher for Ecommerce sites. For relatively new sites, it is difficult to compete with the big Ecommerce sites like Amazon, Sears, Best Buy, etc. Many smaller Ecommerce sites use Google Adwords, shopping feeds and pay per click ads on other search engines to drive up traffic and sales leads to their site, and that’s where IntuitSolutions comes in.

In April 2013, a client came to us for help with their Google Adwords management since they weren’t seeing the desired results from their Adwords campaign. The client had been managing their Google Adwords campaign in house for over a year.

Below is a weekly chart for revenue generated from Paid search traffic on the client’s Ecommerce site between April 2012 and April 2013. (Time period when the client was managing the account)

With an average budget of $1300 a month on Google Adwords and generating revenue between $2400 and $2500 a month, this Google Adwords Campaign was just not working well enough to generate a good profit for the client.

The IntuitSolutions Approach

Using Data analysis and Keyword research, we identified some of the issues with his Google Adwords campaign. We made recommendations as far as Ad spend per month ($1500) and almost instantly the results were loud and clear.

The above chart shows the point when IntuitSolutions took over the management of their Google Adwords campaign.

In the first 6 months after we took over the management of the Adwords campaign, the website generated 5.8 times more revenue than it did the same time period in the previous year when the client was managing the Adwords campaign.

Below is a Monthly Revenue chart comparing revenue generated between April and September in 2013 and April and September in 2012.


The conversion rate for all Paid search traffic was up 37.78% in the first 6 months when compared to the same time period a year ago. The number of transactions from paid search was almost 6 times the number of transactions in the same period in the previous year. The revenue generated from paid search was almost 7 times in 2013 when compared to the same time period in 2012. This was achieved with just a $1500 a month Adwords budget; (just $200 more than the client was spending before IntuitSolutions took over the Adwords management ticket).

Google Spend/Revenue

Before IntuitSolutions (April 2012- April 2013) –

Adwords Budget/month – $1300 | Avg Revenue/mo – $2,425

IntuitSolutions Manages (April 2013 – September 2013) –

Adwords Budget/month – $1500 | Avg Revenue/mo – $13,121

Return On Investment before IntuitSolutions – 1.87 ( for every $1 spent on adwords, $1.87 of revenue was generated)

Return On Investment after IntuitSolutions – 8.75 ( for every $1 spent on adwords $8.75 of revenue was generated)

The IntuitSolutions Difference – $10,696 in more revenue/month

All this was possible with keyword research, data analysis and the experienced PPC management staff at IntuitSolutions. If you are interested in getting more revenue from Paid search, Contact us or call us and let us review your Adwords campaign and see if we can help you like we have done for clients in the past.

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