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IntuitSolutions offers a wide range of BigCommerce Design services, including site design and redesign, banner and on-site ad creation, improved design on existing BigCommerce templates, SEO and Digital Marketing, and more.

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What's New?

  • Affirm Integration

    Cut out the stress of needing to put out all the money up front. IntuitSolutions is the only company that seamlessly joins Affirm’s resources with your BigCommerce store.

  • BigCommerce Automatic Quote Builder

    Automatic Quote Builder

    Automatic Quote Builder lets your call center employees access your BigCommerce product database to build a cart in real-time while talking to a potential customer over the phone.

  • BigCommerce One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout makes your customer’s checkout experience quicker, and more enjoyable – which means lowering your cart abandonment rate, and seeing your sales numbers soar.

Increase Page Speed on BigCommerce to Sell More

Talkin’ About That PageSpeed & BigCommerce At IntuitSolutions, we’ve become quite the experts on PageSpeed. In the modern era, you’re being judged by search engines, customers have been conditioned to expect instant results and in the world of e-Commerce, it’s especially critical. But, Won’t People Just Buy Stuff Anyway? NO!… They won’t, unless you’re the…

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Fastest Theme Speeds On BigCommerce – Stencil VS Blueprint

Which produces faster BigCommerce themes.. Stencil OR Blueprint? We’re happy to announce that BigCommerce’s themes just got a lot speedier! This exciting news comes on the back of their release of a new framework for 2017 – Stencil. For years – since their inception actually – they have offered Blueprint as the sole framework to…

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Word Clouds (AKA Tag Clouds) Seriously Hurt SEO

Tag Clouds – An Abusive Relationship With SEO The Great Tag Cloud SEO Deception Seemingly nice, history is full of men luring women into danger, only to suddenly reveal themselves to be quite the opposite of nice. This bait and switch is sort of the same idea used to encourage constant regurgitation of praise for…

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