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IntuitSolutions offers a wide range of BigCommerce Design services, including site design and redesign, banner and on-site ad creation, improved design on existing BigCommerce templates, SEO and Digital Marketing, and more.

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  • BigCommerce Recurring Billing

    Subscription Billing

    This easy-to-use App will connect your BigCommerce store with your Payment Gateway to create a seamless order process for both you and your customers.

  • BigCommerce Automatic Quote Builder

    Automatic Quote Builder

    Automatic Quote Builder lets your call center employees access your BigCommerce product database to build a cart in real-time while talking to a potential customer over the phone.

  • BigCommerce One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout makes your customer’s checkout experience quicker, and more enjoyable – which means lowering your cart abandonment rate, and seeing your sales numbers soar.

Financing Payment Integration for BigCommerce

BigCommerce Now Integrated with Affirm Financing Being a BigCommerce Premium Partner, we aim to resolve issues that are troubling a great number of store owners. Through client requests and our own familiarity of the marketplace, it was made clear that essentially no integrations existed that allows you to provide users with financing payment options. Fortunately,…

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360-Degree Product Images on BigCommerce

Showcase Your BigCommerce Product Images in Three Dimensions As shopping continues to shift towards Ecommerce, there are increasingly better ways to showcase and sell Products online. One way to engage your users and provide a better shopping experience is to display your product images with a 360-degree spinner. Not only is it fun to interact…

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Personalization and Monogram Custom Previews on BigCommerce

Preview Text and Color Customizations in Real Time With extensive product customization, the question most shoppers always ask is, “How will this look?” Not being able to see what a customer is going to get before purchasing is one of the biggest hurdles of online shopping. Everyone appreciates knowing what to expect, and having a…

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