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IntuitSolutions offers a wide range of BigCommerce Design services, including site design and redesign, banner and on-site ad creation, improved design on existing BigCommerce templates, SEO and Digital Marketing, and more.

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  • BigCommerce Recurring Billing

    Subscription Billing

    This easy-to-use App will connect your BigCommerce store with your Payment Gateway to create a seamless order process for both you and your customers.

  • BigCommerce Automatic Quote Builder

    Automatic Quote Builder

    Automatic Quote Builder lets your call center employees access your BigCommerce product database to build a cart in real-time while talking to a potential customer over the phone.

  • BigCommerce One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout makes your customer’s checkout experience quicker, and more enjoyable – which means lowering your cart abandonment rate, and seeing your sales numbers soar.

Case Study: The Design and Development of The Hair Bow Company on BigCommerce

Responsive Design and Replatforming to BigCommerce When chose IntuitSolutions for their replatforming from 3dCart, we wanted to focus on mobile-first design and optimizing their pages for SEO. The shortcomings of their previous cart platform provided plenty of fodder for guidelines about how users were navigating the site, and where their biggest frustrations were with…

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Case Study: The Design and Development of Print.Save.Repeat. on the BigCommerce Stencil Framework

Stencil Design on BigCommerce Sites IntuitSolutions developed‘s design on the new BigCommerce Stencil engine. We were able to take their new and modern designs, and build them using modern development practices. In doing this, we created a robust ecommerce theme that is focused on speed, accessibility, and the best in modern SEO practices. Custom…

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Case Study: The Design and Development of Yala Designs on BigCommerce

Heavily-Customized Theme Development on BigCommerce IntuitSolutions developed a heavily-customized theme for The high volume of customizations made this project not only fun to develop but also a soaring success. The attention to detail found within the designs made every element consistent with Yala’s brand and feel. From the bee’s flight path graphic within each…

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