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IntuitSolutions offers a wide range of BigCommerce Design services, including site design and redesign, banner and on-site ad creation, improved design on existing BigCommerce templates, SEO and Digital Marketing, and more.

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  • Affirm Integration

    Cut out the stress of needing to put out all the money up front. IntuitSolutions is the only company that seamlessly joins Affirm’s resources with your BigCommerce store.

  • BigCommerce Cart Snapshot

    Cart Snapshot

    Allow customers to create and export a PDF snapshot of their shopping cart, then rebuild the cart hours or days later with a single click. Perfect for customers who need purchase order approval to buy.

  • BigCommerce One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout

    One Page Checkout makes your customer’s checkout experience quicker, and more enjoyable – which means lowering your cart abandonment rate, and seeing your sales numbers soar.

Case Study: A BigCommerce Site Revamp for SAGE Millimeter

Redesigning An Ecommerce Site With B2B Needs In Mind We all know that different business models have different needs. The same is true when you’re working with ecommerce: to be truly successful, your website needs to be optimized for what you sell and how you sell it. Our recent work with SAGE Millimeter, a company…

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We Did The Math: You Should Upgrade To Stencil For BigCommerce

Stencil vs. Blueprint for BigCommerce BigCommerce merchants who are still on Blueprint may have noticed that BigCommerce HQ has quietly ended phone support for this version of their platform. But that just means there’s never been a better time to upgrade from Blueprint to Stencil and improve your site’s rankings and performance overall. Why should…

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Increase Page Speed on BigCommerce to Sell More

Talkin’ About That PageSpeed & BigCommerce At IntuitSolutions, we’ve become quite the experts on PageSpeed. In the modern era, you’re being judged by search engines, customers have been conditioned to expect instant results and in the world of e-Commerce, it’s especially critical. But, Won’t People Just Buy Stuff Anyway? NO!… They won’t, unless you’re the…

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