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Purchase Order for BigCommerce

Price: $79.99 / Month - Free Trial

Allow your customers to seamlessly place a Purchase Order directly through your BigCommerce website.

This solution is a part of the Ebizio Checkout app. To get it, navigate to the BigCommerce App Marketplace to install the Ebizio Checkout App and then subscribe to this module.

Accept Purchase Orders

Create custom fields on a Purchase Order payment method to collect additional information from your customer during the checkout process. Most common configurations will collect information like a PO Number, Account Manager, Date Receivable, etc, but you will be able to create any unique configuration based on your business requirements.

You will be able to view this information on the order record in the BigCommerce dashboard, and process the order and payment according to existing protocols.

Grow your online B2B business and enable your customers to place their Purchase Orders directly through your website with the Purchase Order Module of the Ebizio Checkout for Bigcommerce.

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Purchase Order for BigCommerce
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Features & Benefits

  • Offer Additional Payment Methods

    Customers can now enter a PO Number as part of the Checkout process. Offer your customers Net Payment Terms so they can pay at a later date.

  • Allow Document Uploads

    Give customers the option to upload their Purchase Order in the payment step of the checkout. Supports PDF and image file uploads.

  • Comprehensive & Customizable

    Create custom fields and collect information to fit your business’ needs. Save your sales and fulfillment teams time by streamlining the ordering process. Offer Net Payment Terms, Net 30, 60, 90, or whatever works best for your business.

  • Compatible & Secure

    Compatible with all BigCommerce themes, in combination with the Optimized One-Page Checkout. Meets PCI Compliance standards with the BigCommerce checkout.

App Modules

App Features

The Ebizio Checkout App includes several modules, each offering unique solutions to extend the functionality of the BigCommerce open-source checkout.

Ship On Account

The Ship on Account Module will allow your customers to have their orders shipped on an existing account with a shipping provider.

Subscription Price: $79.99/mo

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order Module will allow your customers to seamlessly place a Purchase Order directly through your Bigcommerce website.

Subscription Price: $79.99/mo

Customer Group Shipping Rules

 Allow pre-approved customers to access hidden Shipping Methods on your BigCommerce checkout.

Subscription Price: $79.99/mo

Customer Group Payment Rules

Allow pre-approved customers to access hidden Payment Methods on your BigCommerce store.

Subscription Price: $79.99/mo

Shipping Protection

Offer delivery protection for products in your store that covers packages from being lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

Subscription Price: $294.99/mo

Product Fees Manager

Add optional product fees, handling expenses, or surcharges, such as discreet packaging, express delivery, etc.

Subscription Price: $194.95/mo

Colorado Retail Delivery Fees

Seamlessly charge the required $0.27 retail delivery fee on taxable goods for Colorado shoppers.

Subscription Price: $49.95/mo

Destination Based Product Fees

Seamlessly apply custom fees on products or groups of products based on the shipping destination.

Subscription Price: $294.99/mo

Excise Tax Manager

A flexible application that enables merchants to charge excise tax for products or groups of products based on the order shipping address.

Subscription Price: $294.99/mo

Style Editor

Update the basic styles of your BigCommerce checkout to improve conversion and conform to your branding.

Subscription Price: $29.99/mo

Text Editor

Customize any auto-generated text that appears in your BigCommerce checkout. Great for including instructions or unique branding.

Subscription Price: $29.99/mo

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