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In today's dynamic B2B landscape, customers demand a broader range of features, greater flexibility, and seamless experiences. Navigating these expectations can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Partner with our BigCommerce B2B Specialized Experts for empowering solutions built to simplify the complex world of selling business to business with ecommerce.

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The Best B2B Ecommerce Platform

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The World’s Leading B2B Ecommerce Platform

There’s a lot of money to be made in B2B ecommerce—if your site is equipped to handle it. Luckily, the world's leading B2B open SaaS ecommerce platform, BigCommerce can. Their B2B platform offers large catalogs, with customer and pricing segmentation down to the SKU level.

The top advantages of a SaaS platform are: it is much less expensive, doesn’t require an army of specialized developers, and companies can go to market much faster. Additionally, it enables a better B2B ecommerce experience by using punchout, user roles, top-of-the-line DDoS security protection, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance software, and integrations with major ERP, OMS, and CRM systems. Being a BigCommerce Elite Partner with over a decade of B2B experience, we have solved many challenges. Whether small or large, we have used our background to deliver quality solutions to B2B businesses.

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BigCommerce B2B Solutions

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Custom Design & Development

Get a beautiful, user-friendly BigCommerce B2B website, tailored to fit your branding and business practices. Work with our team of BigCommerce Certified Elite designers and developers to build an optimized custom BigCommerce design that will take your business to the next level. Get a totally custom site with the design and functionality you want, plus all of BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box features. At IntuitSolutions, nothing is outsourced. When you hire us, you work with designers and developers whose jobs are to communicate and collaborate with you.

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Conditional Content

One of the most important aspects of a B2B ecommerce business is the ability to show and hide content based on who’s looking at it. B2B businesses often negotiate special rates, offer certain payment or shipping methods, or have entire Products or Categories that are only relevant to certain customers. We utilize BigCommerce’s native customer group functionality to show or hide content, pages, products, etc. based on who is viewing your website, regardless if they are signed in or just viewing as a guest. Allow us to help you restrict your website to only the approved customers.

Bulk Ordering

B2B customers often order in larger quantities than B2C customers. This can present challenges for ecommerce merchants, particularly if they offer Products with multiple options. It’s important to create a seamless and user-friendly way to order in bulk quantities.

Product Option Grid is a BigCommerce add-on that makes it easy to order multiple option-specific products at once. It displays all product options in a grid format on the product page so your customers can enter purchase quantities for each specific option combination and add all products to the cart at once.

Quick Order Page makes it easy for customers to reorder items they buy regularly. Customers can quickly look up multiple products by SKU or name, change quantities, and bulk-add them to their cart. They can also add and remove products by clicking a plus or minus button.

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Set Custom Pricing Structures

B2B merchants often have a more complicated pricing structure than B2C sites. Ensuring customers understand what they’re paying for is a consistent challenge whether you offer bulk pricing or follow vendor regulations.

BigCommerce Price Lists let you offer advanced variant-level price overrides based on the BigCommerce customer groups feature. Visitors to your store see the same products but are shown different prices based on the group they belong to.

Display pricing on your website while remaining compliant with Minimum Advertised Pricing rules with MAP Pricing. This customization allows you to display pricing only at defined parts of the purchase pipeline, such as after a Product has been added to the Cart.

If you sell items in boxes, cases, or packs—particularly in bulk—pricing can get confusing. This Interval Quantity add-on makes it easier in two ways: requiring customers to purchase in set quantities (for example, twelve packs or boxes of 300) and dynamically displaying the cost per unit along with the product total.

A Bulk Discount Pricing Table lets customers see wholesale or bulk savings for the product quantity they want in an organized table format. A simple solution that makes a big difference for B2B and wholesale!

B2B Checkout

The Ebizio Checkout app improves sales and conversions by introducing impactful new features to the standard BigCommerce checkout and optimizing the customer experience. Lighten the burden on your sales staff by implementing streamlined processes for unique business models with the following features.

Ship on Account
Allow your customers to use their existing shipping accounts when ordering through your website, creating an advantage over your competitors. Create custom fields on Shipping Methods to collect additional customer information directly in the checkout.

Purchase Order
Save your Sales Reps from the headache of phone or email ordering, and enable your customers to place Purchase Orders directly through your BigCommerce site. Process both your B2B and B2C orders all from BigCommerce.

Customer Group Shipping Rules
Grant access for pre-approved customers to specific Shipping Methods. Most popular utilizations of this module include permissions for freight shipping, shipping on account, or allowing specific customers to pay for shipping separately at a later date.

Customer Group Payment Rules
Give permission to existing customers to place orders on your site without submitting immediate payment, or allow them to choose Payment Methods that will not be available to other customers. Most often this module grants access to tiered payment terms and/or Purchase Ordering.

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BigCommerce ERP/CRM Integrations

Integrate with the tools you use to do business. ERP, OMS, CRM — no problem. Whatever existing business tools and technologies you use today, BigCommerce can integrate via pre-built, one-click integrations. Have a tool that doesn’t seem to already integrate with BigCommerce? We offer custom integrations for anything that does not natively “play nice” by utilizing BigCommerce’s APIs and our exclusive back-end access by being a trusted Elite Partner.

B2B SEO & Digital Marketing

Work with our partner experts to build and refine your digital presence with a full range of marketing services. They’ll help you find and reach your audience, create and promote compelling content, and automate manual processes so you can sell more. Our partner experts make data-driven improvements to your website to increase your organic rankings. These aren’t “SEO tricks”—they’re proven strategies to get you to the top of Google. A good SEO strategy covers all your bases, combining the most effective components of both inbound and outbound marketing. Future proof your site’s rankings and solidify an advanced marketing strategy.

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BigCommerce Elite Partner

The Elite B2B Solutions Provider

At IntuitSolutions, we’re more than an Elite BigCommerce partner. We’re BigCommerce experts who have built a business around creating platform-specific solutions for B2B merchants of all types and sizes.

We’ve worked in ecommerce since 2001 and have worked on the BigCommerce platform since its inception in 2009. Today, it’s the only ecommerce platform we work on. When you hire IntuitSolutions, you’re hiring a team that knows the BigCommerce platform inside and out. There’s no “learning curve” as your agency partner tries to switch between platforms. The team you hire works on BigCommerce all day, every day.

The same goes for all of the solutions we offer: design, development, apps, and integrations. Nothing is out-of-the-box. We build custom solutions that ease your pain points and help you make money.

We Do B2B Ecommerce Best.

Build and Grow Your Business Online with IntuitSolutions

Our experts are ready to field your questions, learn more about your business, and find a solution that’s right for you. Contact us now to get started!

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