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The Best Ecommerce Platform & Solutions for Selling Health & Beauty

Whether it's a curated product box or an AI-powered “try-on” solution, health and beauty businesses remain at the forefront of ecommerce innovation, always looking to create engaging experiences that keep customers coming back. From modern website design to subscription models, our team develops ecommerce solutions that provide everything you need to power the growth of your personal care brand.

Everything You Need To Sell Health & Beauty Products Online

Health & Beauty Companies We Work With

The Right Way To Sell Health & Beauty Online

The demand for health and beauty products has never been higher – and customers have never had more choices. Shoppers can now interact with products and influencers across multiple channels, helping propel beauty brands small and large into the forefront of online shopping. 

To stand out, health and beauty ecommerce sites must be equipped to deliver the intuitive experience, variety, and convenience customers demand. We'll help you design a stunning website that makes your brand pop and integrates with the systems you already use – delivering memorable ecommerce experiences without compromising on speed, security, or scalability. 

IntuitSolutions is a leading provider of ecommerce solutions for all types of health and beauty businesses, from those just starting their journey online to thriving multi-million dollar enterprises. We know the ins and outs of what you need to build and maintain a successful online sales platform. 

Read on to find out more about our custom solutions for the health and beauty industry.

The Best Ecommerce Platform for
Selling Health & Beauty Online

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BigCommerce is unequivocally the best ecommerce platform for selling health and beauty products online – especially if you consider our seamless integrations of custom software, including Chargify Commerce and Ebizio Checkout.

IntuitSolutions’ easy-to-use, quick-to-install custom software is only possible on BigCommerce because of key decisions the ecommerce platform practices to put their online store owners on a higher pedestal.

Keep reading below to learn more about BigCommerce.

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Deliver a Customized, Immersive Shopping Experience

Does your business offer custom options for health and beauty products, such as personalized skincare? We specialize in dynamic live previews for personalized products and offer several other add-ons to deliver a custom experience for shoppers.

B2B & Wholesale Solutions for Health & Beauty Businesses

Large catalogs, negotiated pricing, and multiple tiers of buyers are just some of the things that drive B2B ecommerce complexity. Cater to your B2B and Wholesale customers and enhance your sales team’s effectiveness by leveraging our powerful B2B functionality. With advanced payment options, shared shopping lists and buy-again capabilities, customers can buy from you, their way.

  • Custom Pricing and Customer Groups
  • Quick Reorder Capabilities
  • Quote Management
  • Bulk Ordering
  • Conditional Content
  • ERP/CRM Integrations
  • Much More!
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Proven Solutions

Powerful apps and customizations to help
beauty brands succeed online

Product Fee Manager

Customize Product Fees for Health & Beauty Products

The Product Fees Manager app is a flexible application that allows online businesses to assign custom fees on products that may require additional customization options or surcharges.

For example, a skincare brand wants to give customers the option to keep their order private, so they add a “discreet shipping” option at checkout for an added fee. With the Product Fees Manager, merchants can apply a flat or percentage-based fee to relevant products directly in their BigCommerce store.

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Chargify commerce logo in center of health and beauty products on white background
Chargify Commerce

Sell Your Health & Beauty Products on Subscription

Subscription products are the newest rising trend in ecommerce, as recurring payment models provide businesses tremendous growth opportunities – including boosted sales, more predictable income streams, and higher customer retention. With ChargifyCommerce, customers can set the frequency for how often they would like to receive their products, and the software does the rest – including automated customer communications and analytics management. Subscription orders are created in BigCommerce just like any other one-time purchase.

  • Use Existing BigCommerce Products
  • Choose Flexible Subscription Intervals
  • Support “Mixed Cart” Transactions
  • Preserve Checkout Experience
  • Manage Recurring Orders Easily
Ebizio Checkout

Create a Dynamic, Custom Checkout Experience

Enabled by the BigCommerce Open Source Checkout, IntuitSolutions has built powerful new features to the standard checkout to help health and beauty businesses succeed. Apply custom styles and content to create more engaging interaction between your brand and customers or streamline processes for unique business models, including B2B and Wholesaling.

  • Ship on Account
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipping and Payment Rules by Customer
  • Text and Style Editor
  • Custom Fees and Taxes
Ebizio Checkout logo on laptop mockup

Build and Grow Your Business Online with IntuitSolutions

Our experts are ready to field your questions, learn more about your business, and find a solution that’s right for you. Contact us now to get started!

  • 100% US-Based Team
  • Certified Elite BigCommerce Partner since 2012
  • We Work Exclusively on BigCommerce
  • Custom BigCommerce Solutions
  • Entry to Enterprise Level Services
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