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The Sports Unlimited Story Any game, any sport. Supplying what you need to play, perform and take it to the next level.

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We were asked by Pure Pro to migrate their existing BigCommerce store from the antiquated Blueprint framework to the new Stencil framework. Working closely with the Pure Pro team, IntuitSolutions designed, developed and launched a custom BigCommerce Stencil theme on We then implemented custom add-ons to enhance the UX.

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A Custom BigCommerce Design

The Design

A fully responsive design on BigCommerce that stays true to the company’s established brand.


What We Did

General Services
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Site Optimization & Support
Custom Features
  • Custom Mega Menu
  • Enhanced Category CTAs
  • Product Builder
  • Add to Cart Upsell
  • Mobile-Responsive
  • Cornerstone "Base Theme"
  • Themebridge Staging

Their Story: Sports Unlimited

Founded in 1983, Sports Unlimited began as a family-owned sporting goods store near Philadelphia, PA. In 1998, they expanded their operations by launching, allowing them to serve customers both in-store and online. By 2008, they had transitioned to an online-only model to stay ahead of industry trends.

Sports Unlimited decided that a comprehensive site redesign was essential to improve user experience and maintain their competitive edge. They turned to the BigCommerce design and development experts at IntuitSolutions for an extensive site update, ensuring their platform was optimized for performance and user engagement.

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The Challenge: Improving Design, UX and Performance

Sports Unlimited’s site suffered from poor speed and performance issues, making it difficult to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. Another provider had previously migrated their site from Yahoo to BigCommerce, resulting in unnecessary and inefficient code that further hampered its performance.

It was clear that a complete site redesign was necessary to address these issues and meet modern ecommerce standards.

The Solution: Full Site Design and Development on BigCommerce

To tackle these challenges, we undertook a comprehensive redesign of the Sports Unlimited website. Our team streamlined and optimized the existing codebase, removing any redundant or inefficient code that was slowing down the site. We implemented the latest BigCommerce Cornerstone theme, ensuring the site was not only faster but also more user-friendly and visually appealing. 

This full site redesign significantly improved site speed and overall performance, providing Sports Unlimited with the robust and efficient online platform they needed to better serve their customers.

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BigCommerce Redesign

The Process

Discovery & Design

A creative and collaborative process to produce a design tailored to fit their existing company branding.


Best-in-class custom BigCommerce theme development, custom systems integrations, and third-party app integrations.


Rigorous browser and device testing. A collaboration with trusted partners to deliver a full enterprise solution.

Launch & Support

A coordinated launch to complete the redesign process, followed up with post launch audits and ongoing support.

A Closer Look

Site Customizations & Enhancements

Some highlights of the unique solutions implemented for their new BigCommerce store.

Custom Mega Menu

We implemented a custom mega menu for Sports Unlimited, featuring image CTAs that highlight key product categories and promotions. This design enhances navigation and provides quick access to popular sections, improving the overall user experience.

BigCommerce mega menu for

Visual Category CTAs on Homepage

Our visually enhanced and strategically placed CTAs guide visitors to key product categories, simplifying the shopping experience and helping customers quickly find and explore Sports Unlimited's extensive range of athletic gear and equipment.

Custom Add to Cart Upsell

Our custom-designed "Add to Cart Upsell" feature transforms the traditional popup into a full-page screen, showcasing tailored product suggestions. This immersive experience encourages customers to explore additional items, enhancing their shopping journey and increasing the likelihood of additional purchases.

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Custom Product Builder

Using Doogma for product personalization, Sports Unlimited offers customers a convenient way to view their finished product by selecting individual components. 

Notable Apps, Integrations, and Partners

Apps and integrations for Sports Unlimited's new site build included:

"Without great partners like IntuitSolutions, BigCommerce would not be where it is today."

Dan Fertig - BigCommerce VP of Partnerships


The Results: Enhanced Performance, Engaging User Experience on BigCommerce

The comprehensive redesign of Sports Unlimited's website led to significant improvements in both user experience and site performance. By streamlining the code and implementing the latest BigCommerce Cornerstone theme, we enhanced site speed and functionality. Sports Unlimited now boasts a robust, efficient online platform that meets modern ecommerce standards and better serves their customers.

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