Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

“From our experience our working with the Intuit reps has proven to be very precise and they have showed great patience with our concerns and many tasks.”

-Cindy Layton, Energy-StarServices.com

“When I needed design and technical help with my outdated website, the designers at IntuitSolutions were able to come up with a completely new design with custom attribute and image swatch features just like many of the larger retail sites use. Overall I was very impressed.”

-Jeff Lane, ModernWicker.com

“Between hiring IntuitSolutions for SEO, I went from scrambling to find clients to getting so many projects I was able to expand my entire business. Hiring IntuitSolutions for managed SEO is a no brainer.”

-Paul McAlary, MainLineKitchenDesign.com

“After spending thousands on traditional marketing campaigns getting little success, I hired IntuitSolutions for SEO. Before long I had more business than ever and at a fraction of what I had spent before.”

-Mark Hauser, Markdhauser.com

“…your good work translated into impressive results, our web site clicks nearly doubled in just a few months.”

-Jim Mulrine Jr., Mechanicalmetals.com

“We hired IntuitSolutions to increase our organic search engine results and now we’re saving a lot of money by not relying on ‘Pay-Per Click’ results. We also purchased and installed a Mobile Template which nearly doubled our mobile sales in about a month and a half!”

-Ken Deboer, Keyless-remotes.com

“I originally hired IntuitSolutions to re-design my site. They did a fantastic job of taking my old design files, logo etc. and making a sleek, new looking site. Now they are managing my SEO campaign and my site continues to improve.”

-Todd Sheridan, Bananajack.com

“Thank you all for the work and time that you have dedicated to improving my website and SEO. You guys are great to work with.”

-George Daisey, EgyptianCottonBedsheets.com

“Thanks guys! Our site looks wonderful and is bringing in a lot of business. Keep up the good work.”

-Lynn Santoski, Blacklabelboutique.com

“I thought you’d like to know that since you installed my website’s mobile template 3-4 weeks ago, my site traffic from mobile devices has increased from about 600 visitors to almost 2000 in just that short time frame. Android users have jumped from 2-3 visitors to almost 400 and rising each day. Great job!”

-Florence Dove, Doveoriginalstrims.com