Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

“After a year of slow business, we decided to hire IntuitSolutions to do a complete makeover of our website. After we launched the new site, instantaneously we saw an increase in sales. To this day, almost a year and half later, I still get emails commenting on how cute my website is. I firmly believe that hiring IntuitSolutions saved my business!”

-Renee Hudson, LittleDarlingDiaperCakes.com

“From our experience our working with the Intuit reps has proven to be very precise and they have showed great patience with our concerns and many tasks.”

-Cindy Layton, Energy-StarServices.com

“When I needed design and technical help with my outdated website, the designers at IntuitSolutions were able to come up with a completely new design with custom attribute and image swatch features just like many of the larger retail sites use. Overall I was very impressed.”

-Jeff Lane, ModernWicker.com

“Between hiring IntuitSolutions for SEO, I went from scrambling to find clients to getting so many projects I was able to expand my entire business. Hiring IntuitSolutions for managed SEO is a no brainer.”

-Paul McAlary, MainLineKitchenDesign.com

“After spending thousands on traditional marketing campaigns getting little success, I hired IntuitSolutions for SEO. Before long I had more business than ever and at a fraction of what I had spent before.”

-Mark Hauser, Markdhauser.com

“…your good work translated into impressive results, our web site clicks nearly doubled in just a few months.”

-Jim Mulrine Jr., Mechanicalmetals.com

“We hired IntuitSolutions to increase our organic search engine results and now we’re saving a lot of money by not relying on ‘Pay-Per Click’ results. We also purchased and installed a Mobile Template which nearly doubled our mobile sales in about a month and a half!”

-Ken Deboer, Keyless-remotes.com

“I originally hired IntuitSolutions to re-design my site. They did a fantastic job of taking my old design files, logo etc. and making a sleek, new looking site. Now they are managing my SEO campaign and my site continues to improve.”

-Todd Sheridan, Bananajack.com

“Thank you all for the work and time that you have dedicated to improving my website and SEO. You guys are great to work with.”

-George Daisey, EgyptianCottonBedsheets.com

“Thanks guys! Our site looks wonderful and is bringing in a lot of business. Keep up the good work.”

-Lynn Santoski, Blacklabelboutique.com

“I thought you’d like to know that since you installed my website’s mobile template 3-4 weeks ago, my site traffic from mobile devices has increased from about 600 visitors to almost 2000 in just that short time frame. Android users have jumped from 2-3 visitors to almost 400 and rising each day. Great job!”

-Florence Dove, Doveoriginalstrims.com