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Helping novice to expert crafters expand their embroidery knowledge and acquire new techniques. homepage on mobile phone
A Custom BigCommerce Redesign

The Design

A fully responsive design on BigCommerce while staying true to the company’s established brand.


What We Did

General Services
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Custom Theme Development
Custom Features
  • Custom Mega Menu
  • Custom Page Builder Widgets
  • Expandable Category Page Filter
  • Shop by Category + Shop Techniques
  • Custom Thread Chart
  • FBT Add-On Customization
  • Product Detail Page Enhancements
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom UX Enhancements
  • "Base Theme"
  • ThemeBridge Staging

Their Story: OESD

Founded in 1987, OESD (Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design) quickly established itself as a leader in premium embroidery design. Their ecommerce store,, caters to both novices and seasoned embroiderers, presenting a vast array of designs, supplies, and accessories. With a presence online and across 700+ retail partners worldwide, OESD emphasizes quality and the artistry behind each stitch, making them a trusted partner in the embroiderer's craft.

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OESD team photo next to Christmas tree homepage open on laptop with user sitting on sheets with kids' art

The Challenge: Modernizing an Established BigCommerce Store

A business at the forefront of inspiring fresh and creative designs needs an ecommerce presence to match. Recognizing the limitations of their dated BigCommerce theme, OESD sought to contemporize their online presence, prioritizing an enhanced user experience and conversion optimization.

The objective was clear: a comprehensive site revamp that would seamlessly meld cherished elements with modernized functionalities.

The BigCommerce Solution

OESD’s team provided design blueprints and entrusted our team with custom development to bring their vision to life. We seamlessly integrated their brand’s distinct style with the robust customization capabilities of the BigCommerce platform, resulting in a flexible system that showcases diverse designs with the agility to easily update content as new inspirations emerge.

Highlights of the full-site project include:

  • Modern, intuitive navigation that invites crafters to explore and be inspired
  • Reimaged Product Detail Page (PDP) with cleaner organization
  • Expandable Category Page filter to find products faster with less distractions
  • A custom build on IntuitSolutions’ “Base Theme”
  • Custom page builder widgets helping simplify site updates

Built on the ITS Base Theme, a BigCommerce Cornerstone-based Stencil theme, OESD has a solid foundation to grow and scale. Our BigCommerce developers have dedicated 100’s of hours to optimize our theme for Page Load Speed, Accessibility, SEO, and faster updates.

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BigCommerce Redesign

The Process

Discovery & Design

A creative and collaborative process to produce a design tailored to fit their existing company branding.


Best-in-class custom BigCommerce theme development, custom systems integrations, and third-party app integrations.


Rigorous browser and device testing. A collaboration with trusted partners to deliver a full enterprise solution.

Launch & Support

A coordinated launch to complete the redesign process, followed up with post launch audits and ongoing support.

A Closer Look

Site Customizations & Enhancements

Some highlights of the unique solutions we implemented for their new BigCommerce store.

Custom Mega Menu

Transcending traditional ecommerce menu designs, our Custom Mega Menu offers a more UX-friendly way to navigate site contents. The bespoke design efficiently utilizes space to display categories and subcategories, helping customers find desired products fast. Custom Mega Menu for BigCommerce BigCommerce Page Builder

BigCommerce Page Builder

BigCommerce page builder is a game-changing feature helping merchants customize several page elements. With custom, pre-built components called “widgets” built into their site, OESD has more control with updating their content without needing to touch the theme code.

Shop by Technique / Category

OESD customers can discover their ideal products faster with revamped CTAs on the homepage. The visually enhanced "Shop by Technique" and "Shop by Category" sections ensure a swift navigation to desired items, optimizing the browsing experience.

Shop by Technique / Category section on
Expandable Filter (unselected)
Expandable Filter (selected)

Expandable Filter on Category Page

Using SearchSpring, we seamlessly integrated a sleek, expandable filter into the Category pages, blending efficiency with user-centric design. Shoppers can quickly refine search results without navigating away from their current page.

Product Detail Page Redesign

The Product Detail page got a serious upgrade with a transformed, cleaner look, including stacked product images. The organization helps customers preview pertinent information at a glance without feeling overwhelmed.

Product Detail Page for
Frequently Bought Together Add-On Customization for

Frequently Bought Together Customization on PDP

OESD elevated their upselling and cross-selling opportunities with a revamped product page. The refreshed design intuitively showcases complementary and additional products, whether singular or multiple, right beneath the “Add to Cart” and “Add to Wishlist” CTAs.

Custom Thread Chart

Our team created a dynamic thread chart page within BigCommerce, utilizing API calls to pull pertinent data from OESD's database. This allows customers to easily toggle on/off specific project details prior to purchase, such as thread colors, color change steps, and instructions.

Custom Thread Chart for

"Without great partners like IntuitSolutions, BigCommerce would not be where it is today."

Dan Fertig - BigCommerce VP of Partnerships


The Results

With a beautiful website that pairs a user-centric, modern look with dynamic functionality, now has a robust ecommerce solution supporting greater brand visibility, user engagement, and conversions. Their revitalized site ensures they’re well-positioned to adapt to evolving market demands and continue to meet the needs of embroidery enthusiasts worldwide.

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