Want to Improve Your BigCommerce Store?

If you’ve ever felt that your BigCommerce store could use some improvement, we’d be honored to help!

When we work on your store, we will not only complete the work that you’ve requested, but we will also work with you to identify areas of needed improvement whether it’s to your site’s design, layout or overall functionality. When you work with IntuitSolutions, you will receive an invitation to our online Project Management System upon commencement of your work order so that you can easily keep track of our progress, and where you’ll always be able to contact your developer our our support team directly.


How We Can Upgrade Your BigCommerce Site

Some tweaks and updates can include:

  • Design and Layout Changes to your BigCommerce store
  • Navigation and Category Updates
  • Responsive testing and optimization
  • Browser / Device / Operating System User Testing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Product Data Entry or Manipulation
  • Assistance with Third Party Apps or Software
  • Updates to content (text, imagery, internal linking, etc)
  • …and so much more!

BigCommerce Best Practices

Additionally, we would be happy to consult on best-practices and perform analysis on your site to make informed and educated decisions regarding design, layout, functionality, and content.

We believe in open communication and collaboration, and enjoy working with you to make your site the best it can possibly be.


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Case Studies

Case Study: Budget Stencil Move and Redesign For XtremeHelmets

Moving to Stencil On A Budget XtremeHelmets is a BigCommerce site that sells motorcycle helmets and other motorcycle gear. Like many BigCommerce merchants, they wanted to move their Blueprint site to Stencil, so they reached out to us. We moved XtremeHelmets to Stencil with our Stencil Upgrade package. It’s a budget-friendly way to get onn…

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Case Studies

Case Study: BigCommerce Site Customizations, By The Numbers

How BigCommerce Add-Ons Improve Your Conversion Rate How does custom development work improve your bottom line? We took a deep dive into the analytics data of one of our clients, a high-end flashlight retailer called Fenix-Store, to demonstrate just how impactful these changes can be. Fenix-Store recently introduced a number of add-ons and UX improvements…

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