Our Commitment to Modern Development Excellence: BigCommerce BigDev Certification

December 12, 2022 | |

When you look for a new doctor, mechanic, or another professional service provider, you naturally want to choose one with the highest qualifications and expertise. The same holds true for selecting an e-commerce design and development agency to entrust with your online store. You need a vetted partner with the deep knowledge and skills to help you make the most of what’s available on the BigCommerce platform and tailor those solutions to your business needs.

The BigCommerce BigDev certification is one of many ways our team stays current on the latest strategies and applications for e-commerce. In this post, we’ll explain what it means to be BigDev-certified and how it strengthens our ability to help clients capitalize on every opportunity to make their online stores the best they can be.

What is the BigCommerce BigDev Certification?

The BigCommerce BigDev Certification is awarded to partner firms whose developers undergo a rigorous, multicourse bootcamp testing the latest advanced knowledge of the BigCommerce platform. This intensive training ensures that our developers have the proven ability to understand and work with the newest features, functionality, and quality standards for BigCommerce.

“Our team takes pride in being one of the leading BigCommerce Partner Agencies. We can now further demonstrate this commitment to excellence through the BigDev Certification.”

– Brian Antczak, CEO and Co-Founder, IntuitSolutions

The BigDev training bootcamp addresses advanced knowledge for both front-end and back-end technology. Areas of focus include:

  • Stencil Essentials: Master advanced skills to use the Stencil theme engine to create beautiful, dynamic storefronts that will attract and engage customers.
  • Storefront API: Manage customer carts, checkouts and order information client-side, such as programmatically retrieving and displaying information to a customer about their recent order.
  • Catalog API: Build and manage multi-functional catalogs that drive revenue and create the best user experience.
  • Checkout API: Allows developers to manage a shopper’s cart, checkout, and order data using client-side JavaScript on BigCommerce Stencil-powered storefronts.
  • Orders API: Become proficient building custom integrations to external systems (ERPs, shipping and inventory management systems).
  • Widgets API: Create units of content (consisting of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and programmatically place them on specific website pages.
  • GraphQL Storefront API: Simplify integration and increase performance by querying storefront data from within a Stencil theme or remote site.

What Does the BigDev Certification Mean for Clients of IntuitSolutions?

When we say we know BigCommerce inside and out, we mean it. As an Elite BigCommerce Partner and BigCommerce-exclusive agency since the platform’s inception in 2009, we use our deep understanding of the platform and digital marketplace to develop advanced e-commerce solutions and nurture and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Clients of IntuitSolutions should have great peace of mind knowing they’re working with a partner committed to achieving and maintaining top-notch skills to navigate all the complex technologies and produce the best results possible.

If you’re looking for a BigCommerce BigDev-certified agency to tackle your next project, reach out to our team today!

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