Empowering Modern Group with a Custom BigCommerce Application for Previous Purchase Lookup

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When selling industrial equipment online, giving customers quick and reliable access to replacement parts can significantly impact both operational efficiency and profitability. 

Modern Group, a leader in industrial material handling and construction equipment, recognized this need and approached us with a unique challenge: to create a seamless way for their customers to look up previous purchases. This functionality aimed to simplify the process of finding and purchasing replacement parts, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales. 

Read on to see their custom solution.

The Vision: A Document Repository for Previous Engine Builds

Modern Group envisioned a system where their customers could effortlessly access detailed records of their past engine builds and equipment purchases. This would eliminate the need for customers to hunt down information or contact customer support, making the process of ordering replacement parts straightforward and efficient. Enabling customers to find the right parts with confidence could significantly enhance their bottom line.

The Solution: A Robust BigCommerce Application

To bring Modern Group’s vision to life, our BigCommerce developers created a comprehensive BigCommerce application tailored to their specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of what we delivered:

Backend document repository
Backend document repository
Frontend customer view
Frontend customer view

Data Management with BigCore Application

Powered by our proprietary BigCore technology, we created a document repository that allows Modern Group to upload CSV files containing their extensive engine order and build data. This database, comprising approximately 70,000 records, is the backbone of the lookup system, ensuring that all relevant information is stored securely and can be accessed quickly.

Customer-Facing Storefront Application

The next step was to develop a user-friendly storefront application. This application enables Modern Group’s customers to search for their previous engine builds using various criteria, such as work order number, engine serial number, and model number. The powerful search functionality ensures that customers can find the exact information they need without hassle.

Comprehensive Build Details and Downloads

Once customers locate their previous purchases, they can view a detailed breakdown of each build. For added convenience, the application also allows customers to download a PDF containing all pertinent details of their engine build. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also empowers customers to make informed decisions when purchasing replacement parts.

Transforming the Repurchasing Experience with a Custom BigCommerce Application

By providing easy access to detailed build information, the lookup system has streamlined the process of finding and purchasing replacement parts. Customers no longer need to contact support or search through piles of paperwork; instead, they can quickly and confidently order the exact parts they need.

Our collaboration with Modern Group exemplifies the power of custom BigCommerce applications in enhancing business operations and customer satisfaction. By developing a robust and intuitive lookup system, we have not only addressed a critical need but also positioned Modern Group to achieve greater efficiency and profitability. As businesses continue to evolve, such tailored solutions will be key to staying ahead in competitive markets.

If you’re looking to transform your business operations with a custom application or custom integration for BigCommerce, reach out to our team.

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