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The Next Evolution of Server Software: IntuitSolutions BigCore

BigCore Server
BigCore Server


IntuitSolutions works on many different systems, including standard content management systems (CMS) and massive ecommerce management. One of our areas of expertise is connecting these systems to BigCommerce. BigCommerce provides a flexible Open SaaS platform that enables our customers to create robust ecommerce websites. However, there are times our customers need custom integrations built with the latest development practices and highest level of security.

Our development team often receives requests to do custom integrations for specific features on BigCommerce. There are prebuilt solutions for many requests that we receive, but we also build custom integrations. IntuitSolutions offers custom integrations ranging from simple scripting to custom ERP / API connections.

Standardizing Custom Integration Offerings 

The First Edition of BigCore

​​Since we received so many requests, we began to standardize a server. We started with a framework with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. All of our custom integrations were securely built and hosted on the server. Over time the server evolved into a standardized package with an application called BigCore.

The New and Improved BigCore Server

Our developers work hard on improving, modernizing, and adding security to the BigCore server. Our developers carefully engineered a continuous integration continuous deployment (CI/CD) methodology, enabling us to keep apps updated and synced across multiple frameworks. The CI/CD improves testing updates both locally or on a staging environment. The updates can be deployed in the same state as they would be in production.

The Advantages of Using BigCore

We always strive to deliver the best, most modern code to our clients to improve the reliability of their websites. The benefits of upgrading to the latest version of BigCore include:



The new and improved updates to BigCore use the latest code and frameworks. Our developers optimized the server to help the app’s overall performance.

  • Improves the process for updating software versions
  • Enables testing to be the same on all environments
  • Ensures server reliability with better monitoring tools


BigCore focuses on delivering the highest level of security on the server. Our tools were carefully implemented to help protect valuable data.

  • Improves system monitoring and scanning using scanning tools 
  • Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) process 
  • Daily updates on a timed schedule ensure the highest level of security
  • Additional code scans for vulnerabilities and known attacks in our continuous integration process
development practices

Development Practices

BigCore follows the best development practices to help develop the highest quality of code. Our developers thoroughly test their work and follow standards that reflect the goals of the team.

  • Deploying of applications is faster and more secure through the use of containerization 
  • The new price for server hosting includes monthly/quarterly software dependency updates
  • Maintaining PCI compliance to ensure our servers are built using the highest security standards

Contact Us to Update Your Server Today

Interested in learning more about BigCore?
Please reach out to us today for more information and to review your unique specifications.
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