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Online businesses across industries face a perpetual challenge: remaining relevant and competitive. Outdated website themes can compromise technical performance and also create operational bottlenecks, ultimately impeding the user experience and hindering conversion rates., a wholesale provider of glass bottles, jars, metal tins, and plastic containers, recognized the need to modernize their online infrastructure to enhance performance. Faced with the constraints of an outdated BigCommerce theme, the company sought a solution to revamp its digital presence and elevate the overall user experience.

See how they addressed these challenges and achieved their business objectives through a comprehensive BigCommerce design and development project with IntuitSolutions.

The Challenge: Need for Updated Infrastructure’s existing website grappled with significant challenges stemming from outdated infrastructure. The website theme fell short of modern code standards and lacked crucial functionalities essential for meeting evolving business and customer needs. 

Lacking this modern infrastructure often manifests in the following ways:

  • Slow page load speeds
  • Cumbersome navigation
  • Lackluster user experience
  • Compromised conversion rates

Their company looked to preserve the look and feel of its current site while undergoing these structural enhancements and embarked on a full site design and development project with IntuitSolutions to achieve their goals. 

The Solution: BigCommerce Design and Development with IntuitSolutions

Drawing on their expertise and in-depth understanding of ecommerce best practices, IntuitSolutions presented with a comprehensive solution to overhaul their online store. The project commenced with an extensive discovery phase that meticulously examined every part of their website to align project objectives with business goals.

Leveraging the ITS Base Theme, built on the robust Cornerstone framework, IntuitSolutions delivered a solution that seamlessly integrated their existing site design with the latest features offered by BigCommerce.

Key Improvements of the ITS Base Theme Included:

  • Significant Enhancements to Web Accessibility
  • Optimized 404 Page & Google Crawler Instructions
  • Improved ‘Quick Search’ Results
  • Mobile Photoswipe Functionality
  • Popup Login Feature
  • Product Video Thumbnails
  • Image Swap on Hover
  • Informational Product Page Tabs
  • Additional Rich Snippet Schema Markup
  • And much more
Category Page
Product Page

Ongoing BigCommerce Optimization and Support

Recognizing the value of continuous improvement and innovation, IntuitSolutions continues to provide ongoing support, maintenance, and strategic guidance to help navigate the dynamic ecommerce landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

Our BigCommerce Site Optimization and Support Services ensure they can capitalize on the best opportunities to stay visible in search, maintain exceptional user experience, and generate more revenue.

Site optimization plans are entirely flexible based on business needs. Typical services include:

  • Design Modifications and Feature Enhancements
  • Custom Development Requests
  • Technical SEO Support
  • Routine Site Health Maintenance (e.g., backups, bug fixes, security updates)
  • Core Web Vitals and Page Load Speed Optimization
  • Web Accessibility Remediation and Improvements
  • Strategic Ecommerce Consulting

The Results - A Modern Framework Positioned for Growth now stands on a solid foundation built on BigCommerce, positioning them for future growth and success. Their transition to a modern framework has elevated their standards, resulting in improved user experience, faster site speed, and enhanced technical capabilities. 

Ready to elevate your online presence and drive business growth with a customized BigCommerce solution? Contact IntuitSolutions today to learn how our BigCommerce developers help you achieve your ecommerce goals.

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