Commerce Meets Compassion: Accept Online Donations in Your BigCommerce Checkout

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Today’s digital storefronts are not just selling products—they’re promoting values. Providing the option to give back is a great way to enhance your brand’s image, deepen emotional connections with shoppers, and increase customer loyalty.

It’s now easier than ever for BigCommerce businesses to support social causes and help consumers contribute to meaningful change. See how a recent enhancement to the Ebizio Checkout app helps merchants seamlessly integrate a donations option in their BigCommerce store.

Introducing the Donations Module by Ebizio Checkout for BigCommerce

The Ebizio Checkout app by IntuitSolutions utilizes the BigCommerce Open Source Checkout to provide merchants with a suite of powerful checkout solutions.

The new Donations Module, our latest app enhancement, enables merchants to integrate donation options directly into the checkout process and maintain complete control over rule configuration in the back office.

View of BigCommerce Payment options that shows "Donate Today" button
Choose Donation Designation and Amount
View of customer checking out and adding donations
(Checkout UX for Adding Donations)

With the Donations Module from Ebizio Checkout, merchants can:

  • Allow donors to select from multiple charities
  • Choose the name/label for the charitable organization(s)
  • List the donation as a separate “product” and line item at checkout
  • Provide the option for subscription-based (recurring) donations
  • Set the product tax class as taxable or non-taxable
  • Allow pre-determined and/or customer-determined amounts
  • Enable donations for fixed amounts or percentage of purchase total
  • Keep clean records of donations in the back office

Integrate Donations for BigCommerce

Enhance UX and get comprehensive control over donation functionality.

Checkout View - Donations Product in Cart as Separate Item
Checkout View - Donation Listed as Separate Product

Why Integrate Donations into Your BigCommerce Store?

Recent studies show that consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase from purpose-driven companies. A separate study also suggested that customers will favor a philanthropic-oriented business over a competitor that doesn’t contribute to charitable causes.

Here are a few compelling reasons for supporting donations in your ecommerce store:

  • Align with Consumer Values: Enabling shoppers to make purchases that reflect their ethics transforms your store into a platform for social commitment.
  • Differentiate Your Business from Competitors: Standing out in a crowded market means showing your brand’s commitment to more than just profits.
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty: Studies indicate consumers are much more likely to stick with brands that support charitable causes, boosting repeat business and market share.

Ready to Accept Donations? Contact Our BigCommerce Experts.

Adding a donations feature should enhance—not complicate—the customer’s checkout experience. This functionality must be user-friendly while also fulfilling business needs, including easy configuration, tracking, and compatibility with existing checkout apps.

The Donations Module from Ebizio Checkout provides comprehensive control over your donation capabilities, enabling you to seamlessly integrate charitable contributions into your ecommerce platform.

Contact our BigCommerce experts today to explore how our new Donations Module can expand your market reach and resonate deeply with your customers, transforming every transaction into an opportunity for change.

Integrate Donations for BigCommerce

Enhance UX and get comprehensive control over donation functionality.

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