B2B Ecommerce Solution for Enhancing the Ordering Process on BigCommerce

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B2B ecommerce platforms are undergoing a significant transformation, with more online merchants finding ways to offer experiences that rival the convenience and simplicity of B2C transactions. Today’s B2B buyers demand solutions that enable efficient, hassle-free shopping, free from the traditional complexities of navigating extensive product catalogs or manually inputting order details.

When out-of-the-box functionality doesn’t meet their needs, our clients rely on us to develop custom solutions that address their unique operational challenges. This case study explores how we designed and developed a custom application for a leading automotive distributor, transforming how B2B clients search and order their essentials online.

The Challenge: Enhancing the Ordering Process for B2B Customers

Boasting 35+ years in the vintage automobile industry, ACPDealer.com has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of classic Mustang and Ford restoration parts worldwide. 

With a growing customer base depending on their specialty products, the company needed a custom solution to ease the B2B ordering process. 

Their desired functionality would address the following:

  • Provide a custom ordering portal for approved users
  • Allow registered customers to quickly find and re-order products by name or SKU
  • Create a seamless connection between frontend ordering and backend processing

The Solution: A Custom BigCommerce Application Expanding Quick-Order Functionality

Our team of BigCommerce developers created a custom application for ACPDealer.com that addresses these needs by creating a custom “Quick Order” page, enabling quick search and ordering functionality for pre-approved customers.

The solution for ACP Dealer included: 

  • A custom application using IntuitSolutions’ proprietary middleware for BigCommerce
  • User-friendly interface allowing merchants to quickly search products by SKU 
  • Ability to upload CSV files containing items in a simple format
  • Time-saving suggestive search functionality to assist in finding products
  • Seamless view of orders in the merchant backend
Screenshot of webpage titled "QUICK ORDER" with a form and checklist.
Customer View of the Quick Order Page - Upload CSV or Find Product by Search or SKU
Screenshot of a webpage showing a product order form. The form has fields for product code, quantity, description, and department
Customer View of the Quick Order Page – Predictive Search Functionality

The Results: Higher Customer Satisfaction, Greater Operational Efficiency

ACP Dealer is keeping their clients happy while streamlining the ordering process with their user-friendly, self-service ordering functionality. The custom BigCommerce enhancement has significantly reduced the reliance on sales representative involvement and empowered customers with a more efficient, autonomous purchasing experience.

Do you have a request for BigCommerce development services that would help improve the B2B buying experience? Our team would love to hear from you. Call us at 866-901-4650 or submit your project requirements here.

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