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SkyGeek.com has been a trusted name in the aviation industry for more than 40 years—committed to “supplying the sky” with aircraft and engine parts, shop and hangar supplies, and related tools and equipment.

Recognizing the need for a digital refresh to match its esteemed reputation, SkyGeek partnered with the BigCommerce development experts at IntuitSolutions. Together, they embarked on a strategic overhaul, updating their site to the latest BigCommerce Cornerstone theme and implementing custom enhancements to bring site performance and user experience to the next level of growth.

The Challenge: Modernizing a BigCommerce Theme, Streamlining Code, and Enhancing UX

Staying ahead in ecommerce means continuously evaluating the frontend and backend components that create an outstanding experience for shoppers while keeping maintenance manageable for merchants. One of SkyGeek’s primary challenges was dealing with an aging BigCommerce theme that failed to meet contemporary ecommerce standards, posing threats to security and future site enhancements.

After meeting with their team to gain a clear understanding of goals, our team created and executed plan that included the following:

  • Updating their site’s outdated foundation to a modern BigCommerce theme
  • Reducing excess code and scripts
  • Improving page speed and site performance
  • Modernizing the site with UX-friendly features

The Solution: BigCommerce Customization and UX Refinement

The solution required a multifaceted approach, focusing on modernizing the site’s foundation, optimizing performance, and elevating the user experience through intelligent design and functionality enhancements. 

Project highlights included:

  • An update to the most recent, stable version of the BigCommerce Cornerstone theme
  • Preservation of brand identity and existing site design
  • Improved website speed and performance
  • More efficient, developer-friendly codebase
  • Modern enhancements to features and functionality

“All Brands” Page Navigation Enhancements”

Stocking a vast selection of brands shouldn’t equate to a lengthy navigation. Customized using Graph QL, the “All Brands” page now enables customers to search and sort brands alphabetically, helping them find the perfect products faster.

Search Functionality Upgrade

SkyGeek’s search functionality previously required separate API requests for each SKU. Now, it streamlines search by making a single request for multiple SKUs. This update, visible on search results and product pages, enhances the user experience by boosting page load speed and making product discovery faster.

Mega Menu Enhancements

The improved site menu does away with the old hard-coded structure, paving the way for simpler content updates. Products are now organized alphabetically to help shoppers quickly narrow their search to the right category.

Product Page Messaging and Shipping Guarantee

Transparency is a must when ordering essential supplies. With a custom “Need More” option, users can see how many items are on order and their expected restock dates.  Using SkyGeek’s API, their site also now has the option for customers to request guaranteed same-day shipping for some products.

Flight Plan for Success: Ongoing BigCommerce Optimization and Support

Just as maintaining a physical store requires regular upkeep, an online store demands constant attention and fine-tuning. SkyGeek continues to refine and elevate their digital storefront through an ongoing BigCommerce Optimization and Support Plan with IntuitSolutions. 

Our team of experienced BigCommerce experts regularly review their website’s health and recommend changes that will enhance front- and backend functionality to improve customer experience and help maximize online sales.

Optimization plans are flexible, but typical services include:

  • Design Modifications and Feature Enhancements
  • Custom Development Requests
  • Technical Search Engine Optimization Support
  • Routine Site Health Maintenance (e.g., backups, bug fixes, security updates)
  • Core Web Vitals and Page Load Speed Optimization
  • Web Accessibility Remediation and Improvements
  • Content Updates (e.g., links, images, other media)
  • Strategic Ecommerce Consulting

Boost Your BigCommerce Performance with Growth-Driven Enhancements

The journey of revitalizing SkyGeek.com underscores a critical message: the digital marketplace is ever-evolving, and maintaining relevance requires more than just a static online presence. Success in this dynamic environment demands continuous innovation, strategic optimization, and a solid commitment to improving user experience.

Ready to revamp your BigCommerce store? Have a specific customization you need? Our BigCommerce development experts are here to help. Contact us today.

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