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Custom Ecommerce Integrations for Ammo Sellers: Spotlight on AmmoSeek and Product Sorting

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Generic ecommerce solutions often fall short in the specialized guns and ammunition market. Miwall Corporation, a renowned leader in providing wholesale ammunition for B2B and B2C clients, required advanced functionality beyond what standard selling platforms offer. 

Looking to enhance their online presence through integration with AmmoSeek and advanced product sorting features, they partnered with IntuitSolutions. This post explores our tailored ecommerce integrations, offering insights for other gun and ammunition retailers aiming to optimize their digital presence.

Custom Integration for AmmoSeek

AmmoSeek is a specialized search engine designed for finding and comparing prices of ammunition, firearms, and related accessories. For retailers like Miwall, being listed on AmmoSeek can significantly increase visibility, attract more traffic, and enhance sales opportunities due to the platform’s large user base of engaged and motivated buyers.

Our BigCommerce developers built a custom integration between AmmoSeek and Miwall’s BigCommerce store, which included:

  • Data Extraction: Pulling product details from Miwall’s inventory.
  • Feed Production: Formatting data to meet AmmoSeek’s requirements.
  • Data Submission: Automating the feed submission process to keep Miwall’s listings current.
View of displaying products from

Custom Sort Order and Enhanced User Experience

It’s crucial to communicate stock availability effectively to customers for stores like Miwall with high SKU counts or frequently changing inventory levels.

To address this, our developers crafted a dynamic sorting solution using the BigCommerce API, coupled with our proprietary “BigCore” server acting as middleware. This system continuously monitors inventory levels, updating product sort orders in real-time.

How the Custom Sorting Solution works:

  • New Product Visibility: To boost discoverability of new additions to Miwall’s inventory, our system automatically prioritizes newly listed products. By setting the sort order to ‘0’, these items appear at the forefront of category lists, ensuring they capture customer attention right away.
  • Out-of-Stock Management: Products that are unavailable or out of stock are automatically relegated to the end of product lists by setting their sort order to ‘99999’. Additionally, it removes pricing from out-of-stock items, replacing it with a custom stock message specified by the merchant. When items return to stock, pricing reappears and the sort order updates to enhance visibility at the top of the list.

This tailored approach improves the shopping experience by making product availability transparent and also enhances the operational efficiency of managing online inventory.

Inventory Sort View of Products on

Get the Most Effective Solutions for Your Guns and Ammo Site

Custom ecommerce integrations can transform the operational dynamics and customer experience of an ecommerce platform, especially in specialized markets like ammunition sales. By enhancing Miwall’s integration with AmmoSeek and refining their inventory management through custom sorting solutions, they’ve addressed their unique business needs and set a new benchmark for operational efficiency and customer engagement.

If your ecommerce business faces unique challenges, let our expert developers at IntuitSolutions help you achieve a seamless and compliant solution. Contact us here to get started and submit your project requirements.

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