FFL Dealer Lookup–Sell Guns with BigCommerce

Update: December 2018
IntuitSolutions does not currently have an FFL Dealer Lookup customization available for BigCommerce. We are always willing to develop a new, up to date version of this older app if we have enough interest so feel free to reach out and let us know if this is something you need!

Selling Guns Online

If you sell products requiring a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, you know the difficulty of transferring the product to your customer. You have to ensure that you’re transferring the weapon to a legitimate FFL holder, but your customer has to be able to choose a dealer who is convenient to them. Many dealers give in and decide to use a third-party service like GunBroker. We decided it was time for gun merchants to have a powerful FFL tool as a BigCommerce plug-in, a GunBroker alternative.

Integrated FFL Dealer Search and Shipping

If the customer has at least one product requiring an FFL holder, they’ll be prompted at checkout to select an FFL from our database, searchable by zip code with fee information for transfers. Your customers will look up a nearby dealer to ship to for pick up, without preempting their own delivery address. Our software automatically splits the order into products that can be directly shipped to your customer and those that need to go the FFL dealer.

Is It Secure?

Our FFL lookup BigCommerce customization adds dealers to an order using a numeric code, so you never have to worry about users faithfully entering FFL dealer information. Additionally, once the order is created, our software will flag any order that requires an FFL dealer but doesn’t have one attached, so you won’t accidentally fulfill.

Is It Convenient?

Yes. Simply mark products as FFL required using our built-in product browser or use edit them directly using custom fields. From our back-end dashboard, you’ll be able to view and manage all orders containing an FFL dealer. We’ll also automatically integrate our BigCommerce application with your checkout process at installation.


Give It to Me Now!

We’re now accepting gun stores for our Beta launch. Beat your competitors to the punch, reduce your margins, and get FFL Dealer Lookup on your BigCommerce store today!

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