Automotive Retailer Gets a Shipping and Delivery Protection Solution for BigCommerce

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E-commerce companies are constantly seeking for new ways to provide clients more assurance when completing an online purchase. Offering delivery protection, which protects against items being lost, stolen, or damaged in transit, is one method they use to achieve this.

BB Wheels is a family-run business that sells premium wheels, tires, and auto accessories and delivers its goods anywhere in the contiguous United States. They collaborated with IntuitSolutions and Ebizio to improve their website with a unique add-on solution, maintaining a seamless checkout procedure, to give customers peace of mind with assured delivery.

The Challenge: Offering Shipping Protection Options on BigCommerce

Much can go wrong between when a package leaves fulfillment and when it arrives (or doesn’t) at the customer’s doorstep. Although the majority of deliveries arrive at their destinations undamaged, theft, destruction, or loss of a delivery can undoubtedly be upsetting for customers. 

Whether or not the corporation was at fault, this kind of situation almost always has a negative impact on the reputation of the company. In most cases, the store owner is responsible for a lost, stolen, or damaged item and covers the costs of the product plus shipping to send the consumer a replacement item.

To manage customer expectations and business finances, BB Wheels needed a BigCommerce-ready shipping protection option that offset the cost to shoppers.

The Solution: Product Fee Manager by Ebizio Checkout

IntuitSolutions customized and implemented Ebizio’s Product Fee Manager to create a delivery protection add-on that automatically applies to every shopping cart with a physical item. The delivery fee is calculated as a fixed percentage of the item’s value in the cart.

While the delivery protection fee is added to the shopping cart by default, customers can remove the fee once they checkout. Should they change their mind, they can easily toggle the add-on fee to include it again.

checkout view - toggle on and off shipping protection add-on

The Results: Providing Shoppers Peace of Mind While Managing Business Expenses

As customer expectations are constantly evolving, shipping protection is something most e-commerce businesses have on their radar. Customers of may now have peace of mind knowing their order will arrive safely and securely thanks to the customized delivery protection module enabled by Ebizio’s Product Fee Manager.

Interested in implementing delivery fee protection in your online store, or learning more about the Product Fee Manager? Reach out to us to review your unique specifications. Call us at +1-855-690-5903 or Contact Us today!

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