A Seamless Solution for Discreet Packaging Fees on BigCommerce

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Have you ever purchased an item online that you preferred was kept private? Whether to avoid nosy neighbors, keep gifts a surprise, or mitigate theft, it’s common to want package contents hidden from outsiders. This is often the case for shoppers of MiwallCorp.com, an online gun and ammunition retailer serving individuals, wholesale distributors, and law enforcement agencies nationwide.

To provide their shoppers the option to keep purchases incognito, MiwallCorp.com required an add-on solution to charge for discreet packaging while preserving a smooth checkout process.

The Challenge: Discreet Packaging Fees on BigCommerce

Demand is growing for discreet packaging. It’s a convenient option for consumers who want to avoid prying eyes from seeing what they’ve purchased and for e-commerce businesses that want to keep the contents of their shipments private. 

There are several types of products bought online that commonly use discreet shipping – including guns and ammo, adult products, vape products, electronics, and other high-value items. However, virtually any business or industry can benefit from offering their customers more covert packaging options. 

Privacy plays a critical role in allowing customers to confidently place their purchase online. No matter the industry, online retailers should be attuned to respecting customer needs and providing discreet shipping options.

Discreet shipping generally includes special, generic packaging that lacks prominent branding or labels. Since this process requires additional costs and resources to implement, online retailers need an easy and reliable way to charge customers who select this option. 

For a fully integrated solution that worked with their existing BigCommerce checkout, MiwallCorp.com turned to the BigCommerce experts – IntuitSolutions.

The Solution: Product Fees Manager by Ebizio Checkout

With the Product Fees Manager module of Ebizio Checkout, customers can add optional fees during checkout for virtually any upcharge, including gift wrapping, additional handling expenses, and discreet packaging options.

The add-on fees are easily configured to apply to all products or select product categories in the BigCommerce storefront. After the installation of Product Fees Manager, Miwall Corp customers now have the option to add discreet packaging for their purchases. Should they change their mind during checkout, they can easily “toggle off” to remove the fee.

Discreet packaging fees are applied and labeled separately from tax and shipping during checkout and on order invoices, preventing any potential confusion. Store owners have full control in labeling the fees and adding an additional description to help customers understand what the charge entails.

discreet packaging button in checkout
Checkout – Add Discreet Packaging Option

Miwall Checkout - Add Discreet Packaging Option
Checkout – Remove Discreet Packaging Option
Miwall Corp Backoffice Rule Configuration for Discreet Packaging
Backoffice Rule Configuration

Backoffice View of Discreet Packaging Fee in Customer Order
Backoffice Order View

The Results: A Discreet Shipping Solution for BigCommerce

In a time when e-commerce dominates most industries, discreet packaging helps customers feel more confident about placing their orders online. With the Product Fee Manager by Ebizio Checkout, MiwallCorp.com can now offer customers peace of mind knowing their package will arrive securely – without the world knowing what’s inside. 

Interested in learning more about the Product Fee Manager? Download the app in the BigCommerce App Store, or reach out to us to review your unique specifications. Call us at +1-855-690-5903 or Contact Us today!

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