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Cetaphil BigCommerce Responsive Website

One of our latest BigCommerce projects was building a website for Cetaphil. They were interested in creating a user-friendly, responsively designed website to make it easier for their customers to purchase their products. As a BigCommerce Enterpise prefered partner, we had some creative ideas for how to acheive all of there goals. The BigCommerce platform offered much of what Cetaphil was looking for in terms of being able to dynamically manage their store while providing modern functionality and aesthetics.

Benefits of a Responsive Website

Cetaphil was aware of the benefits of having a responsively designed website: A responsive website enables Cetaphil to have one site that responds to the size of the device the website is being viewed on. The benefit of this is so that all of their customers are visiting one website, centralizing their Google Analytics data tracking.  This also makes Google happy because there aren’t multiple websites out there for the same company. Having a desktop, tablet, and mobile website can be time consuming to manage and also makes it difficult to properly optimize your site for search engines.

BigCommerce Category Product Organization

Cetaphil also requested some custom functionality that the BigCommerce platform didn’t provide by default. The first customization had to do with how the products were being displayed. By default, if a product category has subcategories (For example, Cetaphil has Cleansers and Moisturizers) then the products are all displayed together.


By manipulating BigCommerce’s API we restructured the product category page to display the products in their respective subcategories while viewing the main category. So while viewing the Cleansers page, you will see products grouped into Body Cleansers and Face Cleansers.


BigCommerce Product Reviews Customization

Another customization we did for the Cetaphil website had to do with the BigCommerce product reviews. BigCommerce has two options for reviews: allow anyone to leave a review, or allow only customers to leave a review. If you choose to only allow customers then they must verify this through an email input field. Otherwise, if you allow anyone to leave a review, there is no email input field.


Cetaphil wanted the best of both worlds so we gave it to them. They wanted anyone to leave a review but also wanted their email address to be required. Why? – So that we can create a custom form that sends the review information in an email to Cetaphil.

review Email

If you’re interested in moving to BigCommerce or making your current BigCommerce store responsive then give us a call today! 866 590 4650

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