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Countdown Timer for Same Day Shipping

Price: Starting at $995

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  • Real-time countdown clock based on time parameters you set
  • Only display timer on Products you choose
  • Countdown clock can either disappear after window for same day shipping is over, or display an alternative message of your choosing
  • Mobile-friendly—Works on all devices
  • Installed in 1-3 business days
  • Works on all BigCommerce themes

Encourage Customers To Buy Now

This real-time countdown appears on the Product Page, displaying in real time the number of hours, seconds, and minutes left to get same-day shipping. The timer is implemented according to your specifications—you decide the time frame for shipping, what days it appears, and what (if any) message displays outside of the free shipping window. It will be styled to match your website’s design. Countdown timers are a staple of many eCommerce websites and have been proven to be effective at creating urgency and increasing sales. This is a simple customer incentive feature that encourages customers to buy.

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Same Day Shipping
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Features & Benefits

  • Customer Incentive Features

    The image of time running out is a powerful psychological motivator. That’s why countdown clocks like this are a staple of so many ecommerce sites.

  • Completely Configurable

    This add-on uses the time frame you set, is styled to match your website, and displays messaging you choose after the free shipping time period is over.

  • Turns Off Automatically For Weekends & Holidays

    The clock automatically accounts for weekends and holidays and doesn’t have to be turned on and off. Once it’s installed on your site, you don’t have to do any extra work to manage it.

  • Restrict By Products

    The countdown clock only appears on the Products you choose. You’re in control of where it appears on your site.

About Our Add-ons

Our BigCommerce Add-ons are not hosted externally from your website, which means your Website Speed won't be bogged down by loading external resources. Each add-on is integrated into your theme code to work seamlessly with your existing store. 

  • Integrated into your theme code
  • Mindful of Page Load Speed
  • Customizable to meet your business needs
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