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Product Option Tooltips

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  • Tooltips on Product Option Labels
  • Can appear as on-page text or a hovered tooltip
  • Quick Installation (3-5 Business Days)
  • Works on all Stencil themes

Add Instructions To Product Option Labels

Include instructional text on the Product Option label, either in the form of a hover-activated tooltip or as on-page text. Adding extra text that explains complicated Product Options can make a big difference in your user experience.

  • Help customers understand Product Options
  • Prompt customers on what to do (“Choose a color”)
  • Explain complicated pricing or merchandising structures
  • Showcase important information like warnings or disclaimers

Adding captions or instructions to Product Options isn’t natively supported by BigCommerce. This is the best way to deliver extra information to your customer.

  • Animated Figure
Product Option Tooltip
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Features & Benefits

  • Add Caption To Product Option Label

    Add a line of in-line text beneath the Product Option label, helping customers make sense of the Product Options you offer.

  • Add Info Icon To Product Detail Page

    Another option for this add-on is to use an info icon. When you hover over it, a tooltip will appear with the text.

  • Showcase Product Warnings Or Disclaimers

    If you need to showcase a warning or disclaimer, this is is a simple and foolproof way to ensure that customers see it.

About Our Add-ons

Our BigCommerce Add-ons are not hosted externally from your website, which means your Website Speed won't be bogged down by loading external resources. Each add-on is integrated into your theme code to work seamlessly with your existing store. 

  • Integrated into your theme code
  • Mindful of Page Load Speed
  • Customizable to meet your business needs
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