12 Essential BigCommerce Add-Ons for B2B

December 4, 2017 | |

How To Optimize Your BigCommerce Site For B2B Customers

There’s a lot of money to be made in B2B ecommerce – if your site is equipped to handle it. Spending on B2B ecommerce platforms is growing at a pace twice that of B2C spending and, by 2019, the B2B ecommerce market will be valued at $1.1 trillion, in contrast to $480 billion for B2C.

But the businesses that reap the rewards of the burgeoning B2B landscape will be the ones that tailor their sites to their customer base, something that’s not always easy on traditional ecommerce sites. While many of the factors that make a great B2C site (like page load speed and an intuitive One Page Checkout) are also important for B2B, there are additional considerations when dealing with a B2B customer base.

At IntuitSolutions, we create carefully designed, rigorously-tested BigCommerce add-ons that boost conversions and ease pain points for merchants – including merchants who sell B2B. Here’s a roundup of our top 12 essential add-ons for B2B: the must-have products for a usable, navigable site that turns customers into regulars.

The Essential BigCommerce Add-Ons for Bulk Ordering

Potential pain point: many B2B customers order in greater quantities than B2C customers. You need to give them a user-friendly way to do it.

1. Product Option Grid

BigCommerce allows shoppers to add only one Option-specific Product to the Cart at once – not a great user experience for someone ordering in high volume. Our Product Option Grid allows you to display your Product Options in a Grid format, so your customers can enter purchase quantities for each specific Option combination and add all Products to the Cart at once.

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2. Table/Specification View:

Helping customers sift through product specifications is an information architecture challenge, especially if you sell highly technical products. Ideally, customers would be able to look at a single page to compare the features of each Product. Enter our Table/Specification View. It displays Products on the Subcategory page as a table organized by columns and rows that you control. Customers can see an overview of a Product’s features and easily compare Products.

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3. Quick Order / Bulk Order Page

Growing a B2B business relies on how you build relationships with regular customers. Make it easy for them to reorder the things they buy regularly with our Quick Order add-on. Customers can quickly look up multiple products by SKU, change their quantities, and bulk-add them to their cart. They can also add and remove products simply by clicking a plus or minus button.

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The Essential BigCommerce Add-Ons for B2B Pricing

Pricing can vary wildly on B2B products depending on who’s buying them and in what quantity. You need to automatically set and display the right price on every product, for every customer.

4. MAP Pricing

Stay compliant with vendor pricing rules and regulations with this pricing display add-on. Need to hide or lower the Product Price until a item is added to cart? Want to restrict the Product Price to only appear on the Product Detail Page or only show after a customer logs in? This is the functionality you need. It allows you to display pricing at defined points in your purchase pipeline on the exact Products and Categories you choose.

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5. Setup Fees

Need to charge a one-time set fee to fulfill an order? It’s tricky with native BigCommerce – including it as a Product Option or a separate Product doesn’t really work. Our add-on allows you to set the exact fee on the Products that require it, to clearly display it on the Product Page, and to include it with the final total. The setup fee can be a flat rate or change dynamically once the Product quantity exceeds a certain number.

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6. Case & Pack Quantity Solutions

Quantity and pricing rules that can get confusing when you sell B2B or joint B2B/B2C. A B2C customer buying one Product will pay a different price than a B2B customer purchasing a large quantity and B2B Products are often sold in set quantities (such as a case or pack) that have different costs per unit. Our Case & Pack Quantity Solutions are a set of add-ons that allow you to tether pricing to quantity and to display the cost per unit along with the Product total, ensuring your customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

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The Essential BigCommerce Add-Ons for Cart and Checkout

B2B checkout and payment processes are less streamlined than B2C. A B2B customer may require outside approval for purchases or need to use an alternate payment method like a Purchase Order. You need a time-efficient, repeatable way for customers to checkout and pay.

7. Purchase Order Solutions

Make it easy for B2B customers pay by Purchase Order. This add-on allows you to grant access to a Purchase Order Payment Method to all or some of your Customers (based on Customer Group in BigCommerce). There are two versions of this add-on: one with a field to enter a PO number and another that lets customers upload a PDF of their PO.

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8. Cart Snapshot

Cart Snapshot is the storefront PDF generator for BigCommerce. This app lets your customers create and email PDFs of their shopping carts, then instantly restore those shopping carts with a single click. This functionality streamlines the B2B pipeline by giving customers a simple and intuitive way to generate Purchase Orders, create “shopping lists,” and easily repurchase and keep records of what they regularly buy.

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9. Customer Group Based Payment/Shipping Rules

Guide your B2B customers through the purchase pipeline by only showing them the Payment and Shipping Options most relevant to them. This customization leverages BigCommerce’s Customer Group functionality to allow you to mark which customers should have access to specific Payment and Shipping Methods. This gives B2B customers the flexibility to use pay with NET Terms or Purchase Ordering, or to access special shipping methods like Freight Shipping, and ensures that B2C customers (or B2B customers you don’t have an existing relationship with) can’t access them.

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The Essential BigCommerce Add-Ons for Administrative Control

Are you spending too much time on the Admin Control Panel, trying to configure your store settings? You need a way to automate your manual processes.

10. Custom Field Manager

Adding and updating Custom Fields on BigCommerce products is a tedious process. Our Custom Field Manager gives you access to an interface that lets you change and update your Custom Fields on an visual and intuitive control panel. It also has an import/export feature, allowing you to make bulk changes in Excel, then push those changes back into your BigCommerce site.

This app is currently in beta testing. If you’re interested in trying an early version of it, contact us!

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11. Taxman

Taxman is the excise tax solution for BigCommerce – if you sell nicotine, alcohol, or any other regulated product, you need this app. Taxman calculates excise tax with pinpoint accuracy every time. It allows you to set custom rules for geographic restrictions and product tax rate, then adds the tax as a separate line item at checkout.

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12. Custom Integrations

Do you have a pain point or hassle? Something that’s eating up your time or that you can’t figure out how to do with native BigCommerce? Reach out and we’ll develop a custom solution just for you.

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