The Best Ecommerce Platform & Solutions for Selling CBD & Hemp

Selling CBD & Hemp products online doesn’t need to be difficult. Yes, CBD & Hemp products are becoming increasingly more regulated. Yes, there are many ecommerce platforms to choose from. Below we will outline the best solution for selling CBD & Hemp products online today.

Everything You Need To Sell CBD & Hemp Online

The Right Way To Sell CBD & Hemp Online

IntuitSolutions is one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise level ecommerce CBD solutions. We know the ins and outs of what you need to do to be a leading CBD & Hemp company that is also fully prepared to be compliant with the anticipated regulations. Put simply, we know the right way to sell regulated products online.

CBD & Hemp Compliance

The most important factors when considering the sale of CBD or hemp products online are the expected regulations and current payment processing limitations. You need to stay compliant with state laws and regulations. The right way to mitigate risk when dealing with these anticipated laws is by using a CBD & Hemp optimized ecommerce platform with specialized custom software that also integrates with a CBD-friendly payment processor. 

The last thing you want is to invest resources into a website that later is unable to provide you with solutions to be compliant with the expected regulations on CBD and Hemp products. We’ve got everything you need to keep your business compliant while empowering your online store, so you can make more sales.

Keep reading below to learn more about our ecommerce CBD & Hemp solutions.

What's the Best Ecommerce Platform for CBD & Hemp?

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Let us provide you with the easy answer: BigCommerce is unequivocally the best ecommerce platform for CBD & Hemp products – especially if you consider our seamless integrations of custom software, including Chargify CommerceEbizio, and Excise Tax Manager.

IntuitSolutions’ easy-to-use, quick-to-install custom software is only possible on BigCommerce because of key decisions the ecommerce platform practices to put their online store owners on a higher pedestal.

Keep reading below to learn more about BigCommerce.

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Everyone Can Pay to Play on BigCommerce

If it’s legal, BigCommerce will allow you to sell it. There’s no legal gray area for selling products on BigCommerce, which means that your store won’t suddenly get deactivated if the ecommerce platform suddenly decides the products you sell don’t agree with their terms and conditions, as some other ecommerce platforms are known to have done. Feel confident that your financial investment in your site is secure thanks to BigCommerce’s no-BS approach to its policies.

One Ecommerce Platform with Many Payment Gateways

BigCommerce is payment agnostic, meaning it offers 65 payment gateways with the platform, even as other major ecommerce platforms focus on bundling hosting and payment together. Since only certain payment gateways permit payment processors to collect on e-vapor and CBD sales, a vape store or CBD seller could get excluded using other ecommerce platforms. For instance, the payment gateway/processor Square prohibits the sale of “occult materials,” while PayPal bars the sale of “sexually oriented digital goods.” Both of these payment processors, and others – such as and Braintree – are available on BigCommerce – giving the store owner the power to choose.

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BigCommerce’s Policy of Openness and Transparency Means More Tools for CBD & Hemp

Since BigCommerce provides developer access into the Checkout, IntuitSolutions has been able to build powerful tools for selling restricted products, like CBD. From shipping and taxes to customer identity verification and subscription billing, IntuitSolutions’ custom software provides BigCommerce store owners with the confidence they need to stay legal in a regulated marketplace.

Proven Solutions

The Best Solutions for Selling CBD & Hemp Online

Excise Tax Manager

Managing and Providing Excise Taxes from Municipality to State

Death and taxes: two of life’s certainties. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the excise taxes on your online sales of CBD and other regulated products are covered. With Excise Tax Manager, you control the areas where tax is levied as well as the tax rate for each Product, ensuring it’s calculated with pinpoint accuracy. Manage the excise taxes down to the SKU level, with choices to implement tax based on a percentage of the sale price or on a custom flat rate – as well as the ability to specify an exact location, down to the zip code.

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Shipping Restrictions for BigCommerce

Restrict Shipping by Product or Location

Some municipalities have banned the sale of all CBD products and some states have no regulations on the sales of CBD at all! Set up and easily manage your restrictions with IntuitSolutions’ Shipping Restrictions application. Can’t sell your products to minors? Our Shipping Restrictions app has a solution for that, as well as age and identity verification to further prevent underage users from accessing prohibited products.

Age Checker

Age and Identity Verification for BigCommerce

We recommend using as an age verification solution for BigCommerce.

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Chargify Commerce

Subscription Billing and Management for Restricted Products

Subscription products are the newest trend in ecommerce. A customer can set up the frequency for how often they would like to receive their products, and IntuitSolutions’ Chargify Commerce does the rest – including automated customer communications and analytics management in addition to injecting the order into BigCommerce. Add to the fact that IntuitSolutions’ Chargify Commerce integrates smoothly with IntuitSolutions’ Excise Tax Manager and Veratad Connector, and you have nearly everything needed to create a complete shopping experience.

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BigCommerce Elite Partner

The Elite CBD & Hemp Solutions Provider

At IntuitSolutions, we’re more than an Elite BigCommerce partner. We’re BigCommerce experts who have built a business around creating platform-specific solutions for CBD & Hemp merchants of all types and sizes.

We’ve worked in ecommerce since 2001 and have worked on the BigCommerce platform since its inception in 2009. Today, it’s the only ecommerce platform we work on. When you hire IntuitSolutions, you’re hiring a team that knows the BigCommerce platform inside and out. There’s no “learning curve” as your agency partner tries to switch between platforms. The team you hire works on BigCommerce all day, every day.

The same goes for all of the solutions we offer: design, development, apps, and integrations. Nothing is out-of-the-box. We build custom solutions that ease your pain points and help you make money.

Build and Grow Your Business Online with IntuitSolutions

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