Chargify Commerce: The Subscription Billing Solution Built for BigCommerce

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Chargify Commerce is a powerful all-in-one solution for subscription billing and recurring revenue management – allowing merchants to quickly launch and manage subscriptions within their BigCommerce store.  

Unlike many subscription management platforms, Chargify Commerce was designed to work with BigCommerce functionality – not against it.  With an outstanding user experience for merchants and customers, easy setup, and integration with existing tech stacks, Chargify Commerce is the top choice for BigCommerce merchants.

Chargify Commerce is an ideal solution for:

  • BigCommerce merchants looking to convert more customers from one-time purchasers into loyal subscribers.
  • Store owners that want to increase their average order value (AOV).
  • Businesses with a wide range of products that need to offer multiple subscription options at different price points.
  • Online retailers who want to provide better customer service by eliminating the need for manual renewal reminders.

New to selling subscription products?  Learn how subscription billing models grow your ecommerce business.

Chargify Commerce offers a wide range of features that are essential for any successful online subscription business. These include:

  • Easy product configuration 
  • Flexible subscription options 
  • Seamless checkout experience 
  • Customer relationship management tools
  • Robust merchant dashboard, reporting and analytics
  • Simple setup and onboarding
  • Ongoing support

A Solution Built for BigCommerce

Chargify Commerce was created from a dedicated partnership between BigCommerce and Chargify, a leading billing and subscription management platform for B2B SaaS companiesCommitted to providing merchants access to the highest-caliber technologies, Chargify and BigCommerce saw the need for an out-of-the-box integration to help merchants get subscription products to the market faster – and begin driving recurring revenue for their business.

With Chargify Commerce, B2B and B2C merchants of BigCommerce can manage, track, and analyze subscription activity to reduce churn and strengthen customer relationships, influencing the lifetime value of selling online. 

Seamless, Customizable Checkout Experience

The checkout is the last chance to convert a customer, making it one of the most crucial steps of the buying process. Preserving customer trust can make or break the final sale.

With Chargify Commerce, customers check out directly through the merchant’s BigCommerce site – there are no redirects to complete subscription purchases. Chargify Commerce also supports mixed carts, so customers enjoy an uninterrupted checkout when purchasing subscription and non-subscription products in the same transaction. 

By default, Chargify Commerce integrates with existing shipping and tax settings in BigCommerce – so there’s no need to worry about additional setup.

Chargify Commerce is PCI compliant and developed with clean code on BigCommerce open source, so developers can further customize checkout experience as needed. This enables the ability to customize features that would otherwise require a developer to dedicate considerable effort in first setting up and later maintaining.

Works with Existing BigCommerce Product Database

With Chargify Commerce, merchants can add, update, and remove subscription options for their existing BigCommerce products. There’s no need to create new product listings or manage a product database in two places – saving time, hassle, and potential error in migration.

Store owners have complete flexibility in setting fulfillment frequency on specific subscription products or product categories. They can easily adjust settings to allow customers to purchase subscription products at regular intervals — such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or a fixed day each month.

Order Processing, Fulfillment and Shipping

To keep operations running smoothly, BigCommerce merchants need an order management solution that can process subscription orders quickly and effectively. This means handling cancellations and refunds, ensuring payment has been received or declined, and processing orders promptly.

With Chargify Commerce, subscription orders are created in BigCommerce like any other one-time order. Merchants can pause, cancel, or edit active customer subscriptions and issue refunds on subscription orders just like one-time orders through BigCommerce.  Chargify Commerce also integrates with existing shipping providers, so there’s no delay in getting subscription orders to their destination.

Chargify Commerce includes an intuitive dashboard with exportable reports, including subscription revenue, order details, customer data, etc., so merchants can view their most important metrics at a glance.

Third-party Apps and Integrations

Most online businesses have payment gateways, accounting software, and other such tools to keep their site running smoothly. To prevent unexpected issues or disruption, the right subscription management solution should seamlessly integrate with a website’s existing tech stack.

Chargify Commerce works with other e-commerce apps (martech, customer loyalty, customer support, tax, etc.), helping merchants avoid costly customizations to make existing technologies work together.

Start Selling Subscriptions on BigCommerce

Ready to start offering subscription products on BigCommerce, or streamline your existing subscription management process? To learn more about Chargify Commerce and how it can benefit your e-commerce business, schedule a demo today. 

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