Online Embroidery Supplier Moves to Chargify Commerce for a BigCommerce Subscription Management Solution

Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design (OESD) is an industry leader in machine embroidery designs, supplies, and accessories, offering their products and services online and across more than 700 retail partners worldwide. For over thirty years, their dedicated team has been helping customers of all skill levels learn new techniques and increase their embroidery expertise.

OESD was looking to make a move from their current subscription software provider to gain a more robust, customizable way to sell subscriptions on BigCommerce. For a fully integrated solution, OESD turned to Chargify Commerce, the all-in-one subscription management app for BigCommerce. 

The Challenge: Achieving a Customizable Experience for Selling Subscriptions Online

From fabric designers to illustrators, OESD collaborates with talented artists from all walks of life to inspire their shoppers’ next embroidery project. Releasing new embroidery collections and designs each week, OESD had a significant opportunity to engage customers on a subscription basis – showcasing their creative collection of products and designs while gaining recurring revenue and improving customer retention. 

Subscription services, in which a customer receives a product, service, or sampling regularly, are increasingly popular among consumers of nearly every demographic. These e-commerce business models provide tremendous growth opportunities, including boosted sales, more predictable income streams, more profound insight into consumer tastes, and higher customer retention.

A recent study shows that, in 2022, 51% of consumers say subscriptions “make up a ‘significant’ portion of their monthly spending.” Amid rising inflation and economic uncertainty, subscriptions allow merchants to stay ahead as competitors vie for the same wallet share.

“While 66% of consumers admit they’ll have to cut back on costs, only 28% of consumers plan to decrease their number of subscriptions over the next six months.” – National Research Group, October 2022

To capture this opportunity, OESD introduced the SPREE Club (Special Pricing Reserved for Embroidery Enthusiasts) – a savings club program providing shoppers with the newest embroidery designs, delivered directly via digital download or shipped to their homes on a ready-to-use USB stick.

Lacking a fully integrated solution with their current subscription software provider, OESD needed a more flexible, customizable solution. To do so, they teamed up with IntuitSolutions to set up and launch Chargify Commerce, the subscription billing app specifically designed and developed for BigCommerce.

The Solution: Chargify Commerce – Subscription Management Software Built for BigCommerce

IntuitSolutions helped OESD launch an improved online subscription service that allows customers to receive physical or digital products on a recurring basis, tailoring the experience to best meet their shoppers’ needs. Chargify Commerce is a robust application with dozens of unique and helpful features designed around the best possible experience for subscription billing on the BigCommerce platform.

The Chargify Commerce solution for Oklahoma Embroidery Supply included:

  • Easy to manage account creation process for subscription customers.
  • Clean user interface that preserves the look and feel of their website.
  • Ability to add, update, and remove subscription options for their existing BigCommerce products.
  • Support for digital and physical product subscriptions, including subscription “cutoff days.” 
  • Intuitive dashboard with exportable reports, including subscription revenue, order details, and customer data.
  • Adjustable settings to pause, renew, cancel, or edit subscription plans.
  • A new feature allowing customers to “skip next renewal.” 
  • Full integration with the BigCommerce one-page checkout, so shoppers never leave the site to complete their purchase.
  • Support of Braintree as the preferred payment gateway.

IntuitSolutions worked with OESD to carefully migrate their extensive database of existing subscribers, maintaining data and current subscription configurations for each customer. OESD management and subscribers now have a user-friendly, intuitive way to establish and update their subscription options.

Confirm Monthly Sub Payment
Monthly Subscription – Digital Download Option
Confirm Monthly Sub Payment
Monthly Subscription – Physical Media Option
Confirm Monthly Sub Payment
Cart View
Confirm Monthly Sub Payment
Checkout View
Subscription overview
Customer Account – Manage Subscription Options
Edit Subscription Page
Customer Account – Pause, Hold, or Skip Next Renewal
Hold Until Later Example
Merchant Back Office View – Manage Subscription Options for Customers

The Results: A Modern, Scalable Subscription Solution for BigCommerce 

After working with IntuitSolutions, Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design has the best-in-breed technology to power a profitable subscription business. The integration of ChargifyCommerce allows crafty customers to become subscription members in minutes, while OESD generates reliable, recurring revenue streams.

OESD can better manage, track, and analyze subscription activity to reduce churn and strengthen customer relationships, influencing the lifetime value of selling online and preserving customer trust throughout the purchase experience.

To learn more about selling subscriptions on BigCommerce or how Chargify Commerce integrates with your online store, schedule a demo or call us at 866-901-4650 today.

New to selling subscription products? Learn how subscription billing models grow your ecommerce business.

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