Calculate Excise Tax on Regulated Products

Introducing Taxman, the BigCommerce app that automatically calculates and charges excise tax with pinpoint accuracy, every time.

Sell regulated products like tobacco and alcohol? Then you’re familiar with the headache of dealing with excise tax. These taxes vary widely not only by state, but sometimes by region, city, or municipality. Ensuring you’re charging the correct amount of excise task is a daunting challenge for ecommerce merchants, whose customers can come from anywhere.

We created Taxman with just this problem in mind. It’s is the only excise tax solution for BigCommerce – so if you sell nicotine, alcohol, or any other regulated product, you need this app. 

How Taxman Works

Excise taxes vary not only by region, but how the tax itself is calculated. Some areas charge a flat rate and others take a percent of the overall price. Taxman was designed to give you complete control over both geographic restrictions and tax rate rules. Taxman gives you flexibility that isn’t possible with native BigCommerce or existing tax management systems like Avalara.

It works like this: you define geographic “zones” (based on zip code) and specify what level of tax should be applied to each product in each individual zone. You’re in control – meaning you can ensure that the correct rate is charged for every product you sell, every single time.

The Flexible and Dynamic Tax Solution

Sell regulated products online? Save yourself time and hassle – get Taxman, the only BigCommerce excise tax solution!

  • Streamline your checkout process.
  • Show customers what they’re paying for.
  • Automate your manual processes.
  • And, most importantly, keep your store compliant with tax laws!

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