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A lot of money is spent driving traffic to the checkout page, but what about once the customer actually gets there? One Page Checkout by IntuitSolutions is built to keep customers on the checkout page, checkout faster, and increase checkout conversions

One Page Checkout optimizes the checkout process – fewer clicks required from the customer means less time spent on checkout, which means visits to your checkout page convert to sales at a higher rate.

Enterprise-level clients knocked down our door asking us to build this functionality, and now we’re able to offer it to everybody at an incredibly affordable price.

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Why Buy IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout?

BigCommerce Express Checkout

BigCommerce Optimized Single-Page Checkout

Accordion-Style Layout

With BigCommerce’s checkout, the customer is unable to see all the checkout details at once. This forces the customer to spend more time on the checkout to review their information

No Ability to Customize the Look of the Checkout

While BigCommerce is one of the only SaaS platforms that allows backend customization of the checkout in order to facilitate optimizations such as ours, there is little client-side customization available

Fewer Payment Options

Unlike IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout, BigCommerce’s single-page checkout supports a limited amount of payment methods.

IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout

IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout

More Checkout Conversions

On average, One Page Checkout converts 7.43% more sales from the checkout page than the standard BigCommerce checkout. Some stores have seen increases of 30% or more!

Faster Checkout Times

Our clients have seen their average time on the checkout page up to 47 seconds faster than the standard BigCommerce checkout!

Checkout process is 6-10 seconds quicker on average. Faster checkout speed directly correlates to an increase in completed orders!

Decreased Exit Rates

Stores using One Page Checkout have seen a sharp decline in checkout page exit rate.

This directly leads to a decrease in abandoned carts!


  • One Page Checkout has everything on one page

    Everything on one page

    Unlike the out of the box Bigcommerce checkout, the IntuitSolutions checkout puts all checkout fields right next to each other, allowing your customers to review their ENTIRE order in one glance and removing the need to scroll on the page!

  • One Page Checkout features Google Address Autofill

    Google Address Autofill

    We put the power of the Google Maps API into your checkout to make things easier on your customers. Eliminate user error, misspelled, and mismatched addresses by having Google auto-complete the rest of your customers information with information verified by Google Maps.

  • One Page Checkout is customizable

    Completely Customizable

    Configure a wide range of checkout options, with our built-in features designed to increase conversions! Change colors, customize messages and text, and enter custom HTML and CSS through the app — no developer needed! With our new configurable features, we’ve made it easy to make your checkout your own!

  • One Page Checkout is mobile friendly

    Fully Responsive Checkout Experience

    As more and more ecommerce transactions are taking place online, it’s becoming increasingly important for your checkout to be mobile-friendly. One Page Checkout was built with mobile checkout in mind, and fits right into your site’s template. It’s responsive right out-of-the-box – ensuring that your customer experience is consistent across all devices.

  • One Page Checkout is safe and secure

    Safe & Secure

    One Page Checkout is installed on top of the existing BigCommerce checkout process, so your customer’s data remains totally secure. All order processing is still done through BigCommerce, ensuring that your checkout is PCI compliant, and your customers are safe.

  • One Page Checkout is better than the rest

    Better Than the Rest

    One of the main points of contention with the default checkout process is the accordion-style layout. Customers have to complete a strict, step-by-step process, and aren’t able to see the overview of the entire checkout. The new version of the standard checkout keeps the accordion style layout, but adds a persistent order overview to the checkout.

Case Studies and Examples

  • Artcraft online


    After 7 Months of using the One Page Checkout, ArtCraftOnline’s checkout conversions are up by over 28%

    The store’s exit rates during the checkout process are down by over 3%

    The store is also seeing a climb in checkout conversions monthly

  • Josef Dolls

    Josef Dolls

    After 7 months of using One Page Checkout, the store’s checkout conversions are up 8.8%

    The store’s exit rates are down by over 4.5%

    The average time of the checkout process was decreased by 44 seconds!

  • solartex


    After 8 Months of using the One Page Checkout, Solartex saw an increase in checkout conversions by over 13%!

    The store’s exit rates during the checkout process are down by 4.5%

    It is also seeing a decrease in exit rates from month-to-month!

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Installation Price $995.00 + Monthly Fee $29.95

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