Benefits of BigCommerce Integrations

  • Automate your data entry and eliminate mistakes
  • Speed up your data throughput, making your customer service more efficient
  • Utilize ready-to-use (turnkey) integrations to lower your time to deploy
  • Easily add multiple connections like EDI, CRM and marketplaces to your ERP
  • Get back to what’s important – running your business

BigCommerce ERP Integrations

Everything about your business, from sales, product data, inventory, shipping information and updates, customer management, can be captured and customized exactly how you want it to function.

We can do the easy stuff like mapping orders to the right system and inventory sync across platforms, but where IntuitSolutions shines is our ability to tackle the hard integrations.

IntuitSolutions Fully-Custom BigCommerce Integrations

A lot of companies will have within their different ERP system different types of payment methods. We are able to translate payment customizations on the front end. With IntuitSolutions, you don’t need to hire another vendor to be able to style the output for you. We do it all, from start to finish.

We also specialize in companies that have different discount groups, and matching and mapping these customer groups.

We have also created the capability to read the amount of available credit per customer, and controlling their checkout experience based on that credit. In some cases, you may only want them to be able to check out with an order size under that amount of credit, and in others, you may want it to be above that amount of credit, but to flag your support system to check the order afterwards. We can do it all.

By default, there’s no such thing as an “inactive” customer in BigCommerce. We are able to take the “inactive” status from your ERP system and massage the frontend experience so that the customer is unable to checkout, effectively rendering them inactive across all systems.

BigCommerce Products

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BigCommerce Products

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