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Sell Nicotine and Tobacco Products On BigCommerce?

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Do you sell vapes, e-cigarettes, or tobacco products on BigComerce? IntuitSolutions has what you need to stay compliant with the state laws and FDA regulations on everything from tax to shipping.

Don’t risk paying more down the line when you get hit with a penalty – invest in the future of your business today with these BigCommerce apps specially designed for the e-cigarette and tobacco industry.

Vapes and ecommerce can be a great match, but you need industry- and platform-specific solutions to troubleshoot common problems as you grow your business. At IntuitSolutions, we’ve worked with dozens of BigCommerce vape and tobacco shop webmasters. Our package of apps and customizations are specially designed for BigCommerce and will give you what you need to automate manual processes and reduce compliance risk so you can focus on making money.

FDA Compliance Apps for BigCommerce

Apps built by our expert developers and designed specially for the BigCommerce platform.

Excise Tax App For BigCommerce

Merchants who sell regulated products like tobacco and alcohol know how difficult it is to calculate excise tax in an ecommerce environment. Excise tax is a special tax on regulated products like tobacco and alcohol levied separately from sales tax. Excise tax rates vary greatly and are based on both product and geographic regions.

Taxman, IntuitSolutions’ exclusive app, is the only excise tax solution for BigCommerce. It gives you granular control that isn’t possible with either native BigCommerce or other tax apps like Avalara. With Taxman, you control the areas where tax is levied as well as the tax rate for each Product, ensuring it’s calculated with pinpoint accuracy. No matter what your customers buy or where they’re buying from, Taxman keeps you compliant.

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Age Verification For Regulated Products

Check ID from your BigCommerce storefront with our exclusive integration with Veratad’s identity verification service. This app connects your storefront with Veratad’s servers and checks the user’s birthday or SSN (merchant’s choice) against the database. If the user’s identity can be validated, they proceed through checkout. If not, the user uploads a copy of a driver’s license or follows a different event flow predetermined by the merchant.

IntuitSolutions’ BigCommerce Veratad integration is fast and user-friendly. It integrates seamlessly into the checkout process, helping you stay compliant without delaying the purchase pipeline.

Read more about our BigCommerce Veratad Integration.

Restrict Shipping To Certain States

Each state has different laws about where regulated products like vapes or tobacco can be shipped. This is a challenge for an ecommerce store, since customers can come from anywhere. While you may be able to sell flavored vape juice or hookah tobacco to a customer from California, you could be prohibited from shipping those same products to a customer in Massachusetts.

Our developers build custom solutions to handle shipping regulations for stores that sell nicotine and tobacco. We’ll work with you to create an automated system on your BigCommerce store that prevents customers from shipping restricted Products to places they shouldn’t go. You can customize and control this feature down to the Product SKU, ensuring that customers are only blocked from buying the specific goods they shouldn’t be able to access.

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California Vape Shipping Compliance

California has more stringent age policies and laws for shipping vapes and tobacco products than most other states. Not only must a customer’s billing and shipping address be exactly the same, but the customer must also receive a phone call after 5pm confirming the order.

Keeping track of which customers should receive a call is a challenge for a vape shop webmaster. Our developers customize your site to collect information about California orders and forward it at a predetermined daily time to the appropriate person. Whether you use a robo-calling service or rely on someone in-office, we will seamlessly automate the process of getting them the information they need to keep you compliant.

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