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Compliance App For Regulated Products

Check ID online with world-class age verification software from IntuitSolutions and Veratad. This is the essential compliance app for BigCommerce merchants who sell age regulated products (like vapes, tobacco, and alcohol), allowing you to verify customer age quickly and seamlessly.

Less friction at checkout = greater merchant convenience and more sales. Unlike competitors, Veratad for BigCommerce works on any checkout and doesn’t impede your conversions. By verifying customers after checkout, Veratad ensures that you keep every sale you earn.




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  • This app requires no work on your end.
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  • Expect to make updates before installation, as well as possible post installation maintanance.
  • You will need to make updates before installation, as well as possible post installation maintanance.
  • This will require a lot of work, be prepared to make updates before installation and to continue to maintain the installation going forward.

How Veratad for BigCommerce Works

Veratad gives customers multiple attempts to pass verification with a three-step process.

Step One: Verify with information provided at checkout

Veratad first attempts to check customer age using the name and address provided at checkout. This means most customers are verified without even realizing the process has taken place.

Step Two: Verify with birthday and/or SSN

If Veratad is unable to verify a customer based on information provided in the first step, it will prompt users to enter their birthday and/or social security number. It will also give them a second attempt to correct the date or SSN.

Step Three: Photo ID upload options

If Step Two fails, customers can be prompted to upload a copy of a photo ID. All document uploads can then be verified automatically with Veratad’s photo recognition or manually by the merchant. Orders and documents are easily stored and accessible in the merchant center.

*Note: this feature requires you to use Veratad’s Document Capture and Management Solution.

The Best Age Verification App

  • Win More Sales

    Some age verification software rejects customers after one attempt, or creates so much confusion it makes customers abandon. Not Veratad. The verification process occurs after checkout, ensuring you keep the sale.

  • Works On Any BigCommerce Checkout

    You can use Veratad on any BigCommerce checkout. Changing or updating your checkout won’t disrupt the app!

  • Pay Per Unique Customer, Not Per Transaction

    Once a customer has been verified, they don’t get verified again. This means you don’t pay every time a repeat or regular customer makes a purchase – it’s a one-time fee you pay for new customers only.

  • Image Upload and Recognition Options

    This integration is compatible with Veratad’s Document Capture and Management Solution, which allows users who fail the first two steps of verification to upload a scan of a photo ID. The image can be instantly verified by Veratad or manually checked by the merchant.

  • Customized To Your Vendor Regulations

    Veratad’s most important settings can be configured in the app. Any age range can be verified and age ranges may be configured by state. No matter what age-restricted products you sell, Veratad will work.

  • Sell Regulated Products Online

    This is the perfect compliance app for merchants who sell vapes, tobacco (including specialty tobacco like chewing tobacco and hookah), alcohol, or any other age restricted products.


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