BigCommerce One Page Checkout

Our One Page Checkout app is the truly one-step solution that helps your BigCommerce customers stop abandoning their checkout process and leaving your site without purchasing. Your customers will be able to see all of their information in one place, and they’ll be more compelled to complete their order. If you want to retain more customers, convert more sales, and make more money, this upgrade is the easiest and most straightforward way to improve your BigCommerce site.

Explode Your Conversion Rate

Affirm Integration for BigCommerce

Splitting up a big shopping trip into monthly payments allows your customers the flexibility to make their cart bigger while cutting out the stress of needing to put out all the money up front. IntuitSolutions is the only company that works with both the Affirm resources and BigCommerce API and marries the two.

Make Financing Easy for Your Customers

BigCommerce Cart Snapshot

Cart Snapshot allows your customers or sales reps to create and email purchase orders directly from your store on the fly – building a PO is as easy as filling a cart. Customers add items to the cart and click a single button to have it emailed to them. Then, when they’re ready to buy, another click totally restores the shopping cart so your customers don’t leave anything behind. Perfect for B2B!

Keep Your Pipeline Moving

BigCommerce CRM, ERP and Accounting Integrations

BigCommerce is a powerful platform already, but you can superpower it by integrating your accounting (QuickBooks, Xero), Customer Relationship Management (NetSuite, Accelo), and Enterprise Resource Planning (NetSuite, SAP) software into one manageable package. Work with our team of experts as we walk you through your integrations and start making your business flow effortless.

Streamline Your System

BigCommerce Custom Extensions & Solutions

Precisely-crafted and rigorously-tested, our custom BigCommerce extensions and solutions can really take your website to the next level. We’ve already done everything from custom BigCommerce review systems and BigCommerce category swatches, to BigCommerce image swap on hover and everything in between. Your site can do so much more. Unlock its true potential with our BigCommerce customizations.

Make Your Site Work for You


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