When Should You Get Custom Development Work?

Why You Should Hire A BigCommerce Developer for Custom Development Work

As a full service digital agency, we believe strongly in the importance of custom solutions – particularly custom web development work. But when working with clients, we often get questions about its true value. Here’s why – and when – we recommend it.

BigCommerce Is The Best For Website Customizations

One of the great things about the BigCommerce platform is that it’s highly customizable. Because BigCommerce has a great code base to build on, it’s easier for a developer to write a customization that can do almost anything, all without sacrificing performance. Why not take advantage of these native capabilities with custom development work?

Prioritize The Website Customizations You Actually Want

Sometimes “one size fits all” doesn’t actually fit all. There are many great templates and a template can be a great choice for a newer or smaller business. However, for businesses that are larger or which have a B2B or B2B + B2C business model, a custom template is usually a better choice.

Working with a developer gives you flexibility and choice. When you work with IntuitSolutions, you get a “wishlist” of the features and modifications you want most and can set your own priorities. User experience improvements, customizations for pricing and merchandising, and brand-specific design changes are all within your reach.

When you work with an IntuitSolutions developer, you get a wishlist of the website features and modifications you want most.

Examples of BigCommerce Website Customizations

Every business, regardless of business model or industry, has unique aspects of its business model. It’s these unique things that can be supported through custom web development. Here are three examples of very different sites that benefited from website customizations.

SAGEMilimeter: SAGE is a B2B site that sells highly technical Products. To help customers sift through their complex offerings, our developers built them highly customized Category pages with multiple ways of displaying Product specifications.

LogoTags: LogoTags offers personalized Products (like dog tags and bottle openers) and sell in both bulk and smaller quantities. The sheer number of merchandising options meant that they needed a highly customized Product Page.

OliveOilLovers: OliveOilLovers might seem like a more traditional ecommerce site but custom development work gave their site a luxury look that differentiated them from their competitors. They also offer a subscription service, which our developers solved for by building two distinct Product pages.

Custom Web Design For Your Industry

Your website’s branding should reflect what you sell. This is an underlying principle of web design that is true across all industries and markets. An ecommerce store that sells tires and car parts will look different than one that sells women’s clothing. Custom design work strikes a balance between familiarity and originality. A designer will help you develop branding that’s recognizable within your industry but still distinguishes you from your competitors.

Custom web design helps you differentiate yourself within your industry.

Your Time and Business Are Valuable – Call Us Today

Spend your time on activities that will actually grow your business. Invest in a relationship that will help you compete in your industry and grow profits year over year.

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