Case Study: BigCommerce Wholesale and Product Personalization Customizations for LogoTags

Designing An Ecommerce Site For a B2B + B2C Business

LogoTags is a decades-old, family-owned business that sells both custom and non-custom products to some truly impressive customers, including the U.S. Army, NASA, and Disney – but to look at their outdated website, you wouldn’t have known it.Like many of our clients, LogoTags faced challenges integrating parts of their business model into an ecommerce format. They sell in both bulk and retail, which makes merchandising difficult, and also offer personalized products with personalized text and logos. We built them a highly customized site that pairs a slick, modern look with customizations that dynamically update Pricing and show Product personalizations in real time. The end result is a site that not only looks better but offers a better user experience for their diverse customer base.

“A highly customized site like this has a lot of moving pieces. Not only does every part of it have to look good and work well on its own, it all has to come together seamlessly. When I look at the finished LogoTags site, I’m blown away by how well it does that.”

-Aaron Nowlen, Lead Developer

Custom User Experiences For Different Purchase Pipelines

LogoTags’ previous site was clunky and outdated, but its most serious design challenge was that it didn’t offer a clear path through the purchase pipeline for the different types of customers using the site. Unlike many businesses, LogoTags sells both in bulk and smaller quantities and offers both personalized and non-personalized products. This can get confusing and their old site didn’t have a way of signposting relevant products to the user.

The redesigned LogoTags site uses Category page CTAs to direct customers to the relevant Products. For example, when you click on the Dog Tag category site, you’re prompted to choose between Custom Dog Tags, “Stock” (non-customized) Dog Tags, and high-volume orders of 10,000 pieces or more. This allows a customer who wants a single American flag dog tag to take a completely different path through the site than a customer ordering 20,000 dog tags printed with a company logo, minimizing the chances of confusion and abandonment.

LogoTags Dog Tag Category Page The Category page contains clear calls-to-action to direct customers to the most relevant products.

Once a user chooses the relevant CTA, they’re directed to a subcategory page designed for the customer type at hand. For example, the Stock Dog Tags Subcategory page is styled more like a conventional ecommerce site to reflect that it mostly serves retail customers looking for a specific Product, like an American flag dog tag. In contrast, the Subcategory page for Custom Dog Tags is divided into a grid of calls-to-action showcasing the different types of customizations offered, such as color printing and laser engraving.

LogoTags Stock Dog Tags Stock Dog Tags is styled more like a conventional ecommerce page. LogoTags Custom Dog Tags Custom Dog Tags showcases the different types of customizations offered and incentivizes with an offer for free setup.

Creating a different User Experience for different types of customers is a critical component of success for LogoTags’ multi-faceted business model. Without a clear path for the sitemap, it’s easy for the customer to get confused, causing abandonment rates to soar. The new design for the site guides customers to exactly what they’re looking for, increasing the chances of a sale.

BigCommerce Customizations To Solve Wholesale Merchandising Problems

Dynamic Bulk Pricing And Setup Fees

LogoTags has a more complex pricing system than the average B2C business. They sell in bulk and offer quantity discounts (meaning the cost per unit goes down incrementally as the customer buys more) and also offer Product personalization, which sometimes comes with setup fees. As a result, the pricing information for any given Product is variable, and can be confusing for a customer.

We solved this problem with a dynamic Product page that breaks down and displays each part of the total price and updates it in real time as the customer selects Options and changes quantity. The customer is able to see Setup Fees, Price Per Item, and Total Price in an easy-to-read sidebar. We also included a table beneath the Product image breaking down how the Price Per Item is calculated by quantity.

The result is a much more user-friendly Product page that allows customers to see exactly what they’re paying for. This solves a major challenge for businesses that sell custom printed products, and puts LogoTags ahead of the competition.

LogoTags Bulk Pricing The Per Item Price and Total Price update as the Quantity increases.

LogoTags Price Grid
Customers can easily see how bulk pricing is broken down.

Live Preview Personalized Products

When it comes to custom printed Products, customers are far more likely to buy if they can see what the finished product will actually look like. Live previews are the best way to accomplish this, so we set out to build LogoTags Product personalization live previews that looked great and were easy to use.

LogoTags offers two main types of personalization: logo upload and custom text. Our live previews allow customers to input text or upload a logo and instantly see it appear on the product.

Text Live Preview An embossed font and real-time previewing shows customers what the finished product will look like.

“The live preview features are the heart of the site. It’s really important that they look great and actually show what the product will looks like. If you sell customized products, these features are really important to have on your site.”

-Aaron Nowlen, Lead Developer.

LogoTags Logo Prevew Logo upload positions the logo on the product. Different color options can also be previewed.

Show and Hide Product Order Summary

There can be a lot to keep track of when customers choose from many Product Options or upload content for personalization. We made it easy to keep track of Product Order Details by displaying them in the sidebar alongside Quantity and Price. This allows customers to double-check what they’re ordering all from a single area on the page, then head straight to checkout.

LogoTags Product Summary Keep track of relevant product information with Product Order Summary.

Even More BigCommerce Customizations

In addition to the customizations described above, LogoTags site also includes:

  • Lazy load images for mobile speed and SEO
  • “Request a sample” feature
  • Popup login
  • Feature to pull Product Information into quote request form

Want To Sell More On BigCommerce? Get A Custom Website

When it comes to ecommerce, one size doesn’t fit all. Custom websites don’t just look nicer – they make more money, too. We built LogoTags a website that was optimized for their B2B + B2C business model, and, no matter what you sell or who you sell to, our experts can build you a site integrates with your business.

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