Ten Reasons Why You Need A Website Maintenance Plan

How Building A Relationship With A Developer Improves Your Bottom Line

Website maintenance is crucial to the health of your ecommerce business. Whether it’s fixing a bug or implementing a user-experience tweak, making small and regular updates is a crucial part of managing your ecommerce business. But if you don’t have an in-house developer, can you still do it? Yes, if you work with an agency on a monthly retainer.

Many people think that working with a development agency is only worth it for big projects like a full site redesign or digital marketing, but that isn’t true. Working with an agency like IntuitSolutions is a great way to make consistent improvements to your website without having to hire an in-house developer.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

1. Get Quick Access To A Developer

It’s one of the most obvious reasons, but also the most compelling: clients on a monthly retainer don’t have to go through the same queue that clients who submit one-time work orders do. If you want development work done quickly, the best thing to do is get on a monthly plan.

2. Work With A Developer Who Understands Your Code

One of the great things about working with a regular developer is that they get acquainted with your code base and don’t have to waste time studying it in order to make changes. And, when you work with IntuitSolutions, you also have the benefit of not only working with someone who understands your site but also the BigCommerce platform.

Our developers exclusively work on the BigCommerce platform and understand best practices for coding on it. Unlike other developers, they don’t have to waste time learning BigCommerce or switching between BigCommerce and another platform – they get right into fixing your site.

3. Make Choices That Support Your Business Model

As you build a relationship with your developer, they’ll gain a greater understanding of your business and will be able to make recommendations based on what they know about your business practices and goals. As your developer becomes an expert on your business, you’ll be able to work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and goals.

4. Make Continuous Improvements Over Time

If you owned a house or rental property, you’d expect to do a certain amount of maintenance on it every year to make sure its value continued to grow. The same goes for your website. You might not invest in huge changes every year, but you want to find ways of steadily improving performance.

5. Diagnose Problems Before They Arise

Regular website maintenance also acts as a form of diagnostics. Just like getting regular checkups from your doctor can help you avoid more serious health problems down the line, having a developer to keep an eye on your code can prevent little bugs from turning into big issues.

6. A Budget-Friendly Way To Do Web Development

For many small or growing businesses, ongoing maintenance can be a budget-friendly alternative to a full-site redesign. You may not have the money to get everything on your wishlist all at once but, if you commit to working regularly with a developer, they can help you come up with a game plan to implement changes over time, starting with your most important priorities.

At IntuitSolutions, we offer a discount for planned, dedicated monthly work for our retainer clients. This means you’ll pay less per hour.

7. Work With A BigCommerce Expert

At IntuitSolutions, we only work on the BigCommerce platform. Working with a developer who understands your platform keeps you from spending money fixing other developers’ mistakes. For example, many people turn to web development outsourcing firms, which charge lower rates, but also produce lower-quality code. If you go with an outsourcing company, you’ll likely end up paying someone else to fix their mistakes somewhere down the line.

Hiring a freelancer presents a similar problem – while there are many talented freelancers, hiring anyone for a one-off assumes a certain amount of risk. IntuitSolutions’ developers already know the platform you’re on, inside and out.

8. Access To A Team Of Developers

Freelancers don’t have the benefit of working with a team, and may get hung up if faced with a problem or technology they don’t understand. This translates into more billable hours and wasted time. When you work with an agency, your developer has access to the knowledge of the entire company, in addition to their own BigCommerce-specific expertise.

9. Get Access To New Features and Add-Ons

One benefit specific to working with IntuitSolutions is that our developers work with a team that builds exclusive-to-BigCommerce apps and add-ons. This means that your developer can keep you informed about new features that you didn’t know existed and make recommendations based on what they know about your business model and site’s performance.

10. A Well-Maintained Website Supports Your Brand

A website is important for any business. But when it comes to ecommerce, your website is your business. All of your marketing efforts will fall short if the customers you capture encounter broken links, slow pages, and other development problems. Deliver on the promises of your marketing initiatives with a site that performs well every day of the year.

Get A Monthly Website Maintenance Package Today!

Ready to build a relationship with a developer who understands your platform, your code base, and your business goals? IntuitSolutions offers monthly website maintenance and management packages to fit a variety of budgets. Call us today at (866) 590-4650 for a free consultation on which one is right for you!

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