SyteLine ERP and BigCommerce: Custom Integrations Harnessing BigCore Technology

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Manufacturers frequently rely on Infor SyteLine ERP to optimize business processes spanning supply chain logistics, inventory management, and financial oversight. When merchants look to connect their BigCommerce store with SyteLine, it’s essential to understand that every website comes with distinct integration requirements, from security measures to individualized workflow designs.

A BigCommerce and Syteline ERP integration is complex, but with our experienced ecommerce integration team, merchants are in expert hands. This article explores the options for connecting SyteLine and BigCommerce, common challenges, and presents a case study for a successful custom integration.

How to Perform a SyteLine ERP Integration with BigCommerce

Integrating your ERP system with BigCommerce is possible by connecting data that is cloud-based, on-premise, or a hybrid of both. While there are a range of methods to achieve this data connection, the most common include:

  • Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS)
  • Point-to-point integration
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Custom integration

Common Issues Integrating StyleLine with Your Ecommerce Platform

Linking an ERP system to your ecommerce platform can be a complex undertaking due to the inherent differences in design, data structures, and communication methodologies between independent systems. Challenges are unique to each integration, but often include:

  • Finding a knowledgeable developer/integration partner
  • Connecting your ecommerce storefront with legacy systems
  • Managing incompatible data
  • Scaling for data flow requirements
  • Adhering to time and budget constraints
  • Preventing system downtime
  • Ensuring reliable server performance

Businesses can mitigate the associated risks by partnering with seasoned BigCommerce developers experienced with custom ERP integrations who offer tried-and-tested solutions for these issues.

Get a Custom Integration for BigCommerce

Say goodbye to technical roadblocks. Experience an ecommerce integration without the headaches.

Client Success Story: SyteLine ERP and BigCommerce Integration with BigCore Technology

We often meet long-established enterprises using legacy technology who struggle to find ecommerce integration partners capable of meeting their needs. Dowty, a GE Aerospace Company, had several specific requirements for connecting their existing SyteLine ERP to BigCommerce that could not be solved with a pre-configured solution. 

GE’s primary goal was to expand the capabilities of its website and enable pre-approved B2B customers to place online orders while accurately communicating product lead times. They needed different customer segments synced from ERP to allow for customer-specific viewing/pricing of products, but lacked a pre-built connection to their ERP system.

To address their needs, our team built a new website on the BigCommerce platform based on their previous design. Using custom middleware built on IntuitSolutions BigCore, we were able to solve for this merchant’s complex needs:

  • Our team implemented a system that controlled the visibility and availability of products based on customer groups being synced from the SyteLine ERP system. Different versions of the product catalog, with varying purchasing rules and lead times, are displayed to the logged in customers depending upon the company customer group.
  • We created a custom Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between a private BigCore server and the merchant’s own systems in order to deliver BigCommerce Store Orders in the format and transmission method their ERP was built to handle.

We built additional connectors to sync order updates and customer data with SyteLine ERP, as well as connectors to acknowledge received orders, deliver fulfillment details back to the store and customer, and to provide updated lead time notifications from the ERP back to the customer’s order notes.

Custom BigCommerce Integrations with Any ERP System

While SAP Business One was the ERP system required by Dowty, BigCore simplifies connections to a range of other ERP platforms. These include:

Rely on Vetted Ecommerce Experts for Your SyteLine ERP Integration

No two SyteLine and BigCommerce integrations are the same, highlighting the indispensable role of a skilled developer who can navigate these specific complexities and minimize business interruptions.

Whether you’re already on BigCommerce, or looking to keep SyteLine as you move to another ecommerce platform, ensure your integration aligns perfectly with your vision by partnering with our BigCommerce integration experts. We do custom integrations right the first time.

Call us at 866-901-4650 or submit your project requirements here.

Get a Custom Integration for BigCommerce

Say goodbye to technical roadblocks. Experience an ecommerce integration without the headaches.

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