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Implementing the right SEO or any marketing strategy comes down to the numbers and cost. Before any SEO campaign is undertaken an analysis should be done based on the numbers/data. Whatever the SEO objective may be, which may include  improving the ranking of a phrase from the 3rd page of a search result to the 1st page or creating new content for a keyword or phrase where you do not rank and have that keyword  on the 1st page of search results you will need to know the cost and benefits of undertaking such a project.

Many SEO firms prey on businesses and claim they can have these businesses on the first page of search results without doing any analysis for their clients to determine if such a project would be worthwhile for the business. Promises are made without an understanding of how SEO and other forms of marketing can be combined effectively to provide the customer or business an effective marketing campaign with a high ROI (Return on Investment). As a result, there is a high turnover rate for SEO companies handling business and client accounts. There are many factors to consider when determining what the most effective SEO or  marketing strategy will be for your business. Factors may include the number of monthly searches for the specific keyword or phrase you are optimizing, the average click through rates (CTR) for the keyword or phrase, Conversion rates, cost of products and services and one of the most important factor which most SEO firms ignore “TIME”. Some brand new websites may need to get into PPC  to see early gains. Some businesses or websites depending on the nature of their customers and competition may need a combination of both SEM/PPC and SEO to effectively market their products and services.

Most projects are judged based on whether the goals of the projects are delivered on time or on budget. If you need SEO work for your site, call us or contact us and we will do an analysis to determine the the best effective SEO or marketing strategy to employ for your business. Click here for our Search Engine Marketing services. check out our Blogger Page

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