Videos in Product Thumbnails


There are times when product images just aren’t enough to do your product justice. Perhaps you have a product that would benefit from being showcased in video form. Giving your customer a way to see your product in action, is a great way to drive up revenue.

IntuitSolutions can now offer videos on your product page. Where you would normally see images under your product image, shoppers can now click on a video to see your product in better detail, alongside the rest of your product images. This is a great way to truly represent your product, and demonstrate the way your product functions.

Note: This add-on is only compatible with BigCommerce Stencil themes, not Blueprint.

What it does

The video on the product page pulls the iframe from your product description and places it under your product image. The video will be located in the slider under the main product image alongside your product photos.

Why Do I Need This?

  • Drive up Revenue on specific products
  • Demonstrate how your product functions in ways that photographs cannot capture.