Team Ordering

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Organize all of your options into rows and allow your customer to make and buy multiple variations of your products all without ever refreshing or leaving the product page. Make team ordering the easiest part of your customer’s sports season!

Ordering for a team can be a length and grueling process. Adding one customized item at a time takes too long and will leave your customer looking for an easier option. Why give them the chance?

With this customization all of your options are organized neatly into rows that can be added or removed at will. This allows your customer to simply go line by line and make the necessary customization to the products, all without ever leaving or refreshing the page! And once they’re done there is no lengthy process of uploading a form to your store, simply click the “Add All To Cart” button, and the customer’s cart is filled with each of the variations they have created.

What it does

The team ordering customization uses the options already present on the page and organizes them into linear items. For each line you can make a selection for each option and a quantity. To add a line, just click the button and continue. Once you’re satisfied with your order, just click the “Add All To Cart” button, and watch as all of your products are automatically added to the cart page.


Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

  • Save your customers time and allow them to order for their entire team all from one single page.
  • The easier it is for them, the more they’ll appreciate shopping on your site, and the more likely they will return for next season!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to add anything to my options or products for this to work?

Can I add options that are not on the page?

Can I apply this to individual products instead of all products?

Do I have to do any additional work?