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Local Business SEO and WordPress

As we mentioned recently, we now have a responsive WordPress Template that’s SEO optimized for local businesses! We now have two of our customers using the template with very good results!


R&D HVAC is a newer customer of ours who had a site that was previously just a hardcoded (plain .html pages) website with a few pages, a design that wasn’t congruent and was overrun by an SEO company gone awry. They were suffering pretty badly in the SERP’s and didn’t have any Google Analytics or Webmasters Tools set up on their site. Their site was also being redirected to a completely separate site!

R&D HVAC Before

responsive wordpress theme on

We moved R&D HVAC back to it’s proper domain, removed the redirects in place, did some extensive SEO work throughout not only the site but the entire internet getting all of the information back under control with the proper domain and phone numbers.

We also installed all of the Analytics and Webmasters Tools along with an on page chat feature. Their site and standing in the rankings has seen a great improvement so far.

R&D HVAC After

seo wordpress theme on

Mark D. Hauser

Mark Hauser has been a long term client of ours not only for website development and maintenance but also for Search Engine Optimization. Mark’s site was at the top of Google for many years and his practice saw a lot of success from that! However, after both Panda, Penguin and the more recent Penguin 2, his rankings dropped sharply (to the 5th page or worse) and his practice suffered accordingly.

After working through getting a lot of things corrected, and fixed with his on-page content and overall web ranking and congruency throughout the internet we came to the conclusion that he needed an extra push. before before the wordpress theme after after seeing success with the wordpress theme

We placed on the SEO optimized WordPress theme and within weeks his site has been steadily rising in the rankings. It is currently ranking on pages 1 and 2 of Google for all of our targeted keywords. This does not mean that the seo theme itself is the reason for the success, actually quite the opposite! Thanks to all of the work done previously to prepare for the switch including rewriting content throughout the site, re-working the meta and title tags and also fixing information throughout the internet, the site just needed a final push and the WordPress theme was just the thing!

If your business online needs a push or help getting back on the front page of Google or Bing, contact us today to learn how we can help!

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