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Improve Bounce Rate on Your BigCommerce Store

Custom BigCommerce Navigation

For a number of years, owner James Shea has trusted IntuitSolutions to perform work on a few of his sites, helping him migrate from ProStores to BigCommerce along with continued support and improvement. Like many BigCommerce store owners, he is always looking for ways to improve his bounce rate and his exit rate, and give his customers a better shopping experience through intuitive usability.

In order to improve his bounce rate and exit rate, we focused on enhancing the navigation experience of his site to help the user more easily find their desired product. To optimize his navigation, we had to keep in mind the target audience who would be shopping in this store, and came up with the idea for his users to be able to jump between kit sizes easily. To accomplish this, IntuitSolutions created custom breadcrumbs to facilitate easy swapping from the category pages. The benefit of clickable breadcrumbs is that if the user enters the website at a specific page that wasn’t exactly which category they wanted, like landing on 4-person kits, you can click directly on the breadcrumb and navigate to 2-person kits without having to jump back to the category selection page. Custom Breadcrumbs Custom Breadcrumbs

For a managed SEO client like James, our SEO experts were able to personalize a unique experience that will help customers find exactly what they need through fewer clicks.

Internal Link Optimization for SEO and User Experience Benefits

Additionally, at the bottom of each subcategory is a list of the other pages within that page’s parent category. Structuring the page in this way allows for Google to pick up on a few more internal links within each page, which helps your search ranking. Category Page Internal Linking Category Page Internal Linking

For example, at the bottom of “Small Office (2-40 People)”, there are options for “Medium Office (40-240 People)” and “Large Office (240+ People)”. Including the navigation at the bottom of the page gives the user a way to continue shopping when they’ve scrolled through the category page they are currently on. Navigation doesn’t end at categories; you always want to give your site visitors a way to go back, and hop around on other similar product pages.

Why Is Internal Linking Important for SEO?

While traditional SEO techniques like on-page content optimization and link profile building are still legitimate and should be part of any SEO strategy, the correlation between usability and search engine placement is undeniable and helps decrease your click cost overall. Why is it ideal to partner with a company like IntuitSolutions that knows BigCommerce, design standards, and SEO? It helps you apply the full package to your site, giving you the greatest efficiency and the most bang for your buck when you can roll the standards for all three facets into each update to your site.

Lower Your Bounce Rate with SEO Monthly Managed Plans

After working with IntuitSolutions, has seen their bounce rate improve by 12%, and exit rate improve by 16%!

If you’re looking for expert analysis, ideas, and implementation, then IntuitSolutions Site Optimization and Support Plans pay for themselves. As we continue to work closely with our managed service clients, we’ve been able to add custom functionality and features to site with our expertise in BigCommerce development and BigCommerce design.

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