Ecommerce SEO: 100% Increase in Organic Traffic

Story behind how we doubled organic search traffic in 2 months

In late 2013, IntuitSolutions completed a successful migration of an eCommerce store from PROSTORES to BIGCOMMERCE. After the site migration, the owner of the eCommerce store inquired about our internet marketing services and shortly afterwards we began managing paid search campaigns for the client on Google. After seeing some success in paid search, we knew there was room for increased organic traffic on the site by optimizing the site for Google and Bing search. Two months after starting search engine optimization work on the site, organic traffic had doubled.

How did we do it?

No magic here! Organic traffic increased by over 100% in just two months by doing the boring stuff. There is no secret to increased traffic from organic search. Websites with good content will in most cases do better than their competition. Good content increases time spent on site and reduces bounce rate. Good content is more likely to generate back links which is a factor in how well a site ranks. Before working on improving site content, we took a closer look at the code and made updates to increase page load speed and enhance site “crawlability” by the search engines.

Changes were made in the site category structure using data from search query analysis. We identified keywords and phrases used by site visitors to find products on the site.

All category pages and product pages on the site had the same text for Meta descriptions, which was causing duplicate Meta description errors to appear in webmaster tools. The Meta data on the product pages and category pages were updated to reduce the number of duplicate Meta descriptions and make each page more unique for search.

Microdata formats were added to the product pages to markup content on the product pages. These markups are designed to give searchers a sense for what’s on each product page and why it’s relevant to their query. Using data from search queries, we were able to identify useful keywords and phrases which were used to improve content on specific product and category pages.

Our work is not done as we will keep working on improving content on the site for over 2,000 products.

Chart Showing Growth in Organic traffic SEO Case Study

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