Display the Price with Freight in BigCommerce

Custom Price Displays on BigCommerce Platform

So you’ve got yourself sitting pretty with your new BigCommerce e-commerce solution – or so you thought. Maybe you went to configure your pricing and realized it’s not conducive to your needs by default. Read on to hear about how we solved just such a problem for our client.;

BigCommerce & Custom Pricing: The Problem


Customer Frustration Is Bad For Sales


SyntheticGrassShop.com is a client of IntuitSolutions and a retailer offering various styles of high quality turf. One of the notable actions customers are required to complete during the purchasing process, is choosing the linear length of turf they’d like to order in fixed-width rolls. At the top of each listing, they’re met with a price quote (measured in square feet.)

But It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

This price quote thus requires the shopper to become involved in mathematical calculations just in order to determine the final price! In the name of User Experience, this is blasphemous. Then to add some cyanide on top of the cake, the pricing is further complicated by multi-variant shipping methods (residential & business addresses) which could also greatly affect the final price.


BigCommerce & Custom Pricing: The Solution


Customer Frustration Is Bad For Sales

IntuitSolutions is no stranger to whipping up quick fixes and long-term solutions for any and all BigCommerce functionality hurdles. Our wonderful developers were able to remove the mathematics from the user-end and show shoppers their final price by making the calculations automatically. This operation was quite simple to calculate – it used the fixed values of pricing per square-foot & roll width, along with the user-defined roll length, plus their shipping address.

IntuitSolutions BigCommerce Dev to the Rescue

Now that our job is done, whenever a variable is changed by the user shopping on the site, the pricing quote is updated automagically, needing no further customer input. From a user standpoint, the ability to see how each selection affects final price is a part of the experience that clearly has an overall correlation to both increased confidence and higher conversions. This kind of customization is extremely helpful for products that have multiple variables affecting cost.

If you’re interested in making custom changes to your e-commerce store front…


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