Case Study: How Design Changes Affect SEO

August 10, 2018 | |

Improving Google Compliance For MarkDHauser.com

Mark D. Hauser is a Philadelphia-based defense attorney who has worked IntuitSolutions’ marketing team for several years. Recently, we gave Hauser’s website a design upgrade with an eye on boosting his SEO and implementing UX best practices.

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Making design and development changes is an important part of optimizing your website for Google’s bots. Google pays attention to your code base, but it also has ways of evaluating whether your site has a modern, user-friendly design. We consulted with Mark to make changes that would boost his Google compliance.

Our team focused on spotlighting Mark’s credentials as lawyer, providing clear CTAs, and improving the information architecture on content-rich areas of the site. This gave him a much more modern and user-friendly site.

Our changes began driving SEO results almost immediately. Within a week, Mark’s bounce rate had dropped dramatically and the average session time of visitors on his site greatly increased.

Within a week, Mark’s bounce rate had dropped dramatically and the average session time of visitors on his site greatly increased.

Homepage Redesign For WordPress

One of our major focuses on Mark’s site was spotlighting markers of trust. When you hire a lawyer, you want to make sure that you’re hiring someone credentialed and trustworthy. If you’re advertising online, your website needs to do that work for you.

Our team decided to put a row of icons showing Mark’s accreditations and positive reviews directly below the main banner CTA. Seeing these markers of objective credibility increases consumer confidence and makes visitors more likely to convert.

Seeing markers of objective credibility increases consumer confidence and makes visitors more likely to convert.

Badges showcase Mark’s accreditations

Mark also has a lot of great testimonials from clients. He had this information on his old site, but it was displayed in a text-heavy section in the footer of the page. We consolidated this information into two sliders, one for testimonials and one for successful rulings. This allows Mark to keep the content while displaying it in a more user-friendly way.

Before: testimonials are crowded into the footer


After: Mark’s testimonials and wins are displayed in two user-friendly sliders.

Clear CTAs Improve Information Architecture

Mark offers a lot of legal services and serves a diverse client base. We wanted to ensure that the site had the SEO power of including the litany of cases he takes on, but we knew we needed to display that information in a sharper way. Mark’s old site had a long list of services, but we consolidated them into four boxes representing the site’s main general search terms. From there, users can navigate to sub-pages that have more information.

Before: services are displayed in a long list

After: CTAs are displayed in a consolidated grid.

Results After Just One Week Show Major Improvement

MarkDHauser.com began to see positive SEO changes almost immediately after the design changes went live. For example, before the redesign, MarkDHauser.com had a bounce rate of 80% and the average amount of time spent on the site was just 43 seconds.

Your bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who navigate off your website after visiting one page. Obviously, having a lower bounce rate is better – not only because Google’s bots factor it into rankings, but because keeping users on your site is key if you want them to actually convert.

Generally, a bounce rate of 20-40% is considered excellent. A bounce rate of 50-60% percent is less optimal but is acceptable for certain kinds of businesses. For example, a retail store might have a higher bounce rate due to people looking for their hours. However, a bounce rate of above 70% indicates you need to make changes to your site.

As you can see, Mark was able to go from a poor bounce rate to an excellent one in just one week. This is a testament to the power of design and content changes for SEO.

We’re planning to begin implementing additional services for MarkDHauser.com, including PPC ads, so stay tuned for an update!

MarkDHauser.com went from a bounce rate of 80 percent (poor) to 40 percent (excellent) in just one week.

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Eric began his career at IntuitSolutions in 2013 as a Designer and Developer. He migrated over to our SEO and marketing team where he was able to hone in on website User-Experience while improving his SEO and digital marketing skill-set. Eric is now the Head of our Marketing Department, which specializes in SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Advertising, and User-Experience optimization. Prior to IntuitSolutions, Eric owned a moving company in upstate New York. In his free time he enjoys horticulture, hiking with his dog, traveling, drumming, and trying new food.

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