Full Steam Ahead: Laurastar US Modernizes Online Store with BigCommerce Cornerstone Theme Update

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BigCommerce earned its reputation as the go-to ecommerce platform for good reason—stores are highly flexible, user-friendly, and easy to manage. But like any other technology, merchants must keep up with the latest updates to leverage all the benefits the platform offers.

When your site is more than a few years old, opting for a custom site redesign is generally the most effective strategy to improve your site’s foundation, optimize performance, and drive more sales. When a redesign isn’t feasible, updating your existing theme may be another option.

Read on to see how we helped one recent client seamlessly update their store to the latest version of BigCommerce Cornerstone, enhancing their site’s security and performance while preserving the familiar elements they loved.

A Successful Move to the Latest BigCommerce Cornerstone Theme: Laurastar US

A pioneer in innovative home ironing systems, Laurastar aims to keep their company’s products and digital presence at the cutting edge. However, their BigCommerce store was using an outdated theme, putting them at risk for compromised functionality, security, and performance.

These risks emphasized the urgency for Laurastar to modernize their ecommerce platform and avoid operational disruptions. To address these issues without altering their site’s existing design or features, Laurastar turned to the BigCommerce development experts at IntuitSolutions. 

Their custom solution delivered:

  • An update to the most recent, stable version of the BigCommerce Cornerstone theme
  • Preservation of existing site design and functionality
  • Improved website speed & performance
  • More efficient, developer-friendly codebase
  • Enhanced security and adherence to modern web standards
  • Thorough testing before, during, and after the updates
  • Pre-launch testing in a developer environment, ensuring updates “play nice” with real site content

Updating their site to the latest version of BigCommerce Cornerstone was a significant step in supporting Laurastar’s future growth, enabling easier customization and preparing their store to take full advantage of upcoming features available for BigCommerce merchants.

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How Do I Know If My BigCommerce Theme Needs an Update?

BigCommerce is continuously releasing enhancements and new features for its flagship Cornerstone theme. These ongoing improvements can significantly impact your store’s functionality, user experience, and overall performance, underscoring the importance of keeping your theme up-to-date.

The most reliable way to determine your specific needs is by discussing your website with a trusted BigCommerce partner like IntuitSolutions. An experienced developer will look “under the hood” of your site to understand the complete picture of what’s needed to catch your theme up to the latest version and improve your store for optimal performance and stability.

In general, your site may need an update when:

  • Your store was built more than three years ago.
  • Your store requires new features or functionality not supported by your current theme.
  • You’ve seen an alert in your store dashboard prompting you for an update.
Alert in BigCommerce Dashboard Prompting Merchant for Theme Update
BigCommerce alert in the merchant dashboard regarding available theme updates.

Work with the Trusted BigCommerce Theme Development Experts

As your business grows, staying up-to-date with the latest BigCommerce theme releases enables more customization, stability, and scalability. Best of all, your business can preserve the unique aspects of your current site while benefiting from the latest theme updates.

Ready to make the move to a more robust online store? Contact our team for more information and to set up a free consultation for your website.

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