Customer Incentives For Ecommerce Stores

Marketing Tips That Turn Browsers Into Buyers

What makes customers click the “buy now” button? Of course, the overall user experience of your website is important. Fast page speed, a clear navigation, and overall good design will go a long way towards boosting your conversion rate. But, to give customers that extra push, you need to provide incentives.

Free shipping and coupon codes are often seen as the holy grail of ecommerce incentives – and data does show that they work. But creating an incentive doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drop your pricing. You can employ user experience and marketing tricks that create a sense of urgency in your customer, encouraging them to commit to the purchase they’re waffling over.

Create A Sense Of Urgency

One of the easiest ways to get customers to make purchases is to give them a visual reminder of scarcity. Realizing that they might run out of time to access a sale, get same-day shipping, or even be able to get the product at all makes them more likely to buy.

Here are some ways you can do this.

Use A Real a Time Countdown Clock

Many, if not most, ecommerce sites use countdown clocks. That’s because they’ve been proven to be psychologically effective, creating a strong sense of urgency by showing the seconds slip by. Here are some common use cases for countdown clocks:

    • Time left in sale
    • Time until product launch (or until sale begins)
    • Time left to register (or get VIP access)

Customized “Low Stock” Badge

Seeing that a Product is about to sell out may be the final push for a customer who’s on the fence or not ready to buy. BigCommerce has native capabilities to display “Low in Stock” and “Out of Stock” messages but you can customize them further with modifications like:

    • Using custom styling to draw attention to the badge
    • Showing badges when customers select Options (showing the customer that the specific Options they want, such as a red shirt in size Medium, is low in stock)
    • Showing custom message based on inventory (“Less than 100 left!”)

Bundle Products For Convenience

Frequently Bought Together

Creating packages or bundles is a great way to get customers to commit to buying, especially if a Product requires additional items to make it work. For example, you can bundle Products that are frequently bought together on the Product page, such as a flashlight and batteries. This not only helps you sell more items in a single order but it encourages customers to commit to purchases for the sake of doing it the most convenient way.

Some use cases for a Frequently Bought Together incentive are:

  • A Product and a popular or needed accessory for it (like a phone and a case)
  • Refills for the Product
  • Related Products

Starter Packs

Starter packs are also a great way to create an incentive. For example, if you sell essential oils and essential oil accessories, you could package an oil diffuser and five of your most popular oils together and sell them as one item. This would encourage a customer who’s interested, but perhaps not invested enough to do a ton of research, to buy.

Some other examples of “starter pack” type incentives are:

  • Bundles of most popular products
  • Themed products or collections (for example, seasonal selections)
  • Free gifts or giveaways

Incentivize With Email Automation

If you have a good email marketing strategy, you can actually use incentives to recover abandoned carts and make up lost sales. For example, if a customer makes it to checkout but doesn’t complete the process, you could automatically send them an email offering them a coupon for ten percent off. This allows you to selectively offer discounts to customers who are already considering purchases.

Email Incentives

Email is a great way of providing incentives so that one-time customers become regulars. Here are some examples.

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Special discounts
  • Early access to new products or sales

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