Soap, Candle, and Loofa

Their Story

A green business with a deep focus on community enrichment, Baudelaire is a national distributor of artisanal soaps and bath accessories. Bearing the namesake of Charles Baudelaire (one of the 19th century’s most prolific writers/poets), their company is deeply rooted in history. These days, they offer both globally imported brands and products of young upstart companies alike. Baudelaire features only products with natural, high quality ingredients that have their roots in time honored traditions of craftsmanship and artistry.

The Challenge

Having such a unique blend of history and style, Baudelaire needed a design that emphasized the very craftsmanship at the heart of their company. This reimagining would require a great deal of custom functionality and a sleek UX experience to match.

The Solution

In order to facilitate a diverse catalogue of every scent and style of soap, we created a custom navigation flow from scratch. Their category structure needed to be flexible enough to handle any number of combinations, allowing users to easily find the perfect product. Instead of leveraging the default categories for navigation, we opted to create a system utilizing static page links. This gave us the ability to be as granular as necessary when building out a category UI. With this new system in place, users can search by fragrance type, ingredients, and more without overcomplicating the category structure or duplicating their categories, which could hinder their SEO.

This led to challenges working with the default faceted search/filter functionality. What normally would have functioned automatically would need some retooling in order to work with the new system. In the early stages of development, we knew that we’d need a custom scripting solution. Instead of using the default filtering system, we created a script that would programmatically build out the query URL and format it as BigCommerce expects. This development limitation quickly became a new feature for creating custom category functionality! 

The Results

With a beautifully redesigned site, by our BigCommerce web designers, and a new “engine” for handling categories under the hood, we were able to bring Baudelaire’s new site into 2021. These overhauls allowed them the freedom to model their navigation in a way that customers will find easy to use and will also be easy for them to customize. To further enrich the user experience of their new site, Baudelaire also purchased our Reorder addon to make repeat shopping easy and enjoyable. Just as they are dedicated to serving their customers, we too are dedicated to helping our clients realize their unique needs. is more feature-rich than ever and ready to put quality craftsmanship in customer hands.

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