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From commercial kitchens to hospitals, Metro has been helping businesses organize and optimize their spaces since 1929. Today, Metro holds over 200 patents and maintains the same commitment to excellence that made them a pioneer in storage and workspace solutions for nearly a century.

Serving various industries and offering an extensive range of products, Metro needed a way to provide easy access to detailed product literature. They partnered with IntuitSolutions for a custom-developed PDF document library housed within their BigCommerce site.

The Challenge: Enabling Easy Access to Product-Specific Documentation

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Buyers in the digital age demand instant gratification, and when it comes to making a purchase online, they expect to have all the information at their fingertips – exactly when they need it.

Metro’s primary goal was to create an easily accessible document library that would allow team members and customers to quickly search and retrieve product documentation, including spec sheets, sales sheets, brochures, and other literature. 

The key requirements for the project were:

  • A user-friendly interface that would make it easy for customers to find product-specific documents
  • A responsive design that would display seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices
  • Use of existing BigCommerce site functionality, including faceted search
  • Intuitive back office layout to help staff update the document library quickly and easily

Leveraging their existing site functionality, our team of BigCommerce developers created a modern solution to make the research process easier.

The Solution: A Custom-Developed Searchable PDF Library on BigCommerce

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Our team worked closely with Metro to develop a custom, searchable document library on their BigCommerce site that houses product-specific literature, empowering customers to access critical information at every stage of the buying process.

Features of the build included: 

  • A clean, intuitive interface organized by document type and product category, with clear labels and descriptions
  • A responsive design allows customers to access the library from anywhere,any time, using their preferred device
  • A custom search bar with enhanced functionality, building on BigCommerce faceted search
  • A simple content management system that allows their team to add, edit, or remove documents with just a few clicks

The system also allows Metro to monitor which documents are being accessed most frequently, so they can display popular content higher on the page for customers to find more easily. 

By providing easy access to detailed product information through the new document library, Metro’s clients and internal team can now access crucial information more efficiently, supporting increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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