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American flag

Their Story:

Since 1987 Flags USA, a WSBO Certified – Woman Small Business Owned company, has been a leading distributor of 100% USA made American flags, state flags, military flags, international flags, library flags, ISO flags, and custom flags. 

As a family owned business based in Illinois, Flags USA firmly believes that American and all other flags should be 100% made in America. They pride themselves on supporting American workers and only distributing flags that are made of high-quality construction at competitively low prices.  Homepage - Custom BigCommerce Design

The Opportunity: Site Structure & Navigation Experience

Flags USA has been partnering with IntuitSolutions, a 100% in-house USA based BigCommerce Elite Partner, since 2017 for BigCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to ensure the traffic converts into sales.

The process of optimizing Flags USA through SEO, CRO, and recently PPC advertising, has made a significant impact on their traffic (+323%), conversion rate (+20%) and revenue (+266%) 2017 vs 2020 year over year. However, we saw an opportunity to upgrade this USA owned and operated flags store. 

There were some major UX improvements that we had been discussing with the Flags USA team: Improving the site structure, menu placement, and giving the site a more cohesive design. 

The Solution: A Custom BigCommerce Design

Rather than attempting to make the proposed major changes to the existing BigCommerce theme, we decided that a full website redesign and development would be the best course of action. Why can’t we just manipulate their existing theme? – you ask. Well the developers here at IntuitSolutions stay at the forefront of coding best practices and technical SEO, as well as continuously improving upon the base theme that they use to develop custom BigCommerce stores on. Redeveloping Flags USA allowed for improved SEO, modernized coding practices, and development efficiencies. 

While our development team had been implementing the most efficient coding standards on the older Flags USA BigCommerce store, there reaches a point where it’s more efficient to rebuild your site from the ground up than to go back and update antiquate code piece by piece. As a general rule, it’s’ best practice to plan on rebuilding your website every 3-4 years as technology and standards improve.

it’s’ best practice to plan on rebuilding your website every 3-4 years

While our BigCommerce SEO experts were familiar with the site structure, it had been some time since the entire website structure had been evaluated all at once. As the IntuitSolutions design team began mocking up fresh designs for the site, our SEO team began analyzing the product category structure, URL structure, and meta content. 

Using tools such as Ahrefs for keyword research, our SEO team mapped out keyword targets for each category page to then be used for optimization of the site structure, URLs, and meta content. After some consolidating, expanding, and tweaking, our SEO team presented a new product category structure to the Flags USA team for feedback and approval. Upon approval, our design team mocked up an design and our BigCommerce developers built the new site.

Old Homepage Design

New Homepage Design

The Results

Knowing that each industry has its own seasonality, Flags USA realized that they wanted to redesign and develop an improved site prior to their busy season. Planning ahead so that their new store would launch with enough time to “settle in” to Google’s crawlers, and customers could provide feedback, has allowed us to prepare their store for the influx in traffic and sales that is to come. 

The newly designed BigCommerce store launched on February 4th, 2021. continues to work with the IntuitSolutions Digital Marketing team to drive traffic and revenue through the store. Since launch, FlagUSA has seen a 105% increase in sessions (102% increase in organic traffic) and a 75% increase in revenue (91% increase in organic revenue), year over year. 

How long has it been since your website has been rebuild? Is your site due for a rebuild? Give us a call, 866 901 4650, or fill out the form below to chat about your BigCommerce store and how we can help your business grow.

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